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What Type of Skills Does an Art Curator Need?

Art curators need an ‘eye’ for art, plus they need a passion for art, as most successful curators are passionate about art and the art they exhibit. Curators need to be knowledgeable in art and culture, so they may have an educational background in art history and philosophy.

Additionally, today’s art curators need to multi-task, so being skilled in business, marketing, public relations, and fundraising is absolutely necessary.

Art curators also need to be skilled communicators as they are often the mediators between the museum, artist and public.

Art curators also need good writing skills as they write the exhibition catalog essays, promotional materials and grant applications.

More about Art Curators and the Business of Art Curating:

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How to Get Started as an Art Curator:

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What Type of Skills Does an Art Curator Need?

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