"Wild Birds Unlimited franchise" Cost in USA, Profit, Investment, How to Apply, Process, Reviews| SkillsAndTech

“Wild Birds Unlimited franchise” Cost in USA, Profit, Investment, How to Apply, Process, Reviews| SkillsAndTech

Do you love nature? Are you looking for a business related to nature? Wild Birds Unlimited may be the right franchise for you by serving serious bird watchers. Each franchise store carries everything you could possibly need to engage in the hobby of backyard bird feeding, including feeders, seed, nest boxes, bird baths, and bird houses to name a few.

Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Wiki

In 1983, Jim Carpenter decided to open a business that focused on building community and building a love of bird feeding. Wild Birds Unlimited (with nearly 350 units across the United States) began to franchise outlets out to business owners looking for a way to invest in pet stores and retail.

Total Units348
Incorporated NameCarmel, IN
Franchising since1983
IndustryMiscellaneous Retail Stores
SubsectorPet Stores

How much will it cost to open a Wild Birds Unlimited store?

You’ll need an initial investment of $185,179 – $311,043 to open a store. You’ll also need $40,000 – $50,000 of liquid capital and a net worth of $300,000.

Here’s my analysis of the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise opportunity. As with any franchise there are pros / cons. Besure to check out my concerns about the business below.

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Here is a base overview of what the essential finance requirements are for a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise. These numbers only give you a general idea of what you need to start the franchise and may not include the all additional costs needed. As you will see, the financial investment isn’t as hefty as other franchises.

Fees/ Expenses Amount Needed

Liquid Capital $40,000 – $50,000
Net Worth $300,000
Royalty Fee 4% of store’s gross sales
Estimated Initial Investment $185,179 – $311,043
Here is a more detailed breakdown of the fees required to partner up in a Wild Birds franchise.

FeeLow-End CostsHigh-End Costs
Relocation Fee$43$67
Annual Insurance$500$2,500
Office Equipment$9,000$13,000
Retail Fixtures$17,000$28,000
Opening Inventory$27,000$34,000
First Month’s Rent$3,000$7,500

It is important to note that these are just the initial costs you’ll need to get your business started. The following are fees that are required of you as a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise owner.

Type of FeeAmount
Training Fee$5,000
Gift Card Fee$100 per store
POS Installation Fee$3,600
Advertising Fee$5,000
MyWBU Store Implementation Fee$850
Local Advertising 2%
Marketing Fee4.5% with $500/month
Franchise Fee$40,000
Gift Cards$100

Average Sales / Revenue per Year

In 2020, the average sales for stores open for a full year averaged $687,516. For the outlets that were the most successful, their annual sales averaged $942,543.

What’s the Average Profit of Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Per Year?
Wild Birds Unlimited doesn’t make financial statistics for franchisees. If you look at the average pet store owner salary as a baseline according to Zip Recruiter, you can expect $75,000 per year would put you in the top 10% of this profession.

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Before you invest in Wild Birds Unlimited, make sure you’re satisfied with the potential of the business. Based on my analysis this isn’t the most lucrative franchise opportunity out there. But if you’re passionate about serving this niche market, it could still be a lucrative business that allows you to spend your days doing what you love.

Thanks to the pandemic and a greater desire among families and individuals to bond with nature, Wild Birds Unlimited saw same store sales increase by more than 20% within the last year and is likely to continue on this trajectory. Bird watching is a safe hobby that appeals to more than 45 million people according to government reports.

Key Things to keep in mind

Type of Franchise

There is only one kind of Wild Birds Unlimited outlet offered – a walk-in retail store setting. This does not have to be a stand-alone site and can be a part of a strip mall, indoor mall, or shopping center.


When opening a Wild Birds Unlimited, it’s important to take into account your current geographical location. Do you live on the West Coast? If so, it may not be a wise choice to open this franchise. This is because most of the Wild Birds Unlimited outlets reside on the East Coast.

Although there is one location in Washington State, two in the South, and two in the Midwest, most of the units are located on the East Coast. It is likely that people in these states will visit your store because they recognize the name and have been to other Wild Birds Unlimited before.

The franchise suggests opening a location at a busy retail shopping center that is anchored to big-box retailers and grocery stores. This way, you can attract your customers several times a week. The company finds that drive-by visibility is the most important way to attract customers. This drive-by visibility can easily be down at an open shopping mall.

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Backyard birds

You might be surprised about the birds you see in your backyard.


Thankfully, Wild Birds Unlimited has teamed up with third-party financial service companies such as VetFran Financing. These third-party services include the following: franchise fees, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts, and payroll.

If you’re concerned about the financial investment of opening a franchise, remember that this particular franchisor doesn’t expect you to shell out as much money as other franchisors. With a net worth of $300,000, you can open and operate a Wild Birds Unlimited outlet without breaking the bank.

How to Apply for Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise?

To apply for this outdoor retail opportunity at the official franchisee website, Contact them to set up your introductory call with a member of their Franchise Development team. You will be redirected to their online module for a comprehensive introduction to their business. At the end of the module, you will complete their short online qualification form.


Fill up the application form with correct details. WBU Executive will contact you very soon.

Introductory Call

During yourfirst call, they’ll spend some time getting acquainted, learning about you and your interests and goals for owning a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise. They will answer your questions regarding the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise opportunity and verify your initial qualifications for franchise ownership. Once they’ve confirmed that you meet the qualifications, you will be given access to the next online module.

Get to Know their Franchise Store Owners

This is the “validation” step. At this stage, you can visit their stores and reach out to existing store owners to learn more about the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise experience from an owner’s perspective. Once you have completed your validation process, you can move on to the third online module.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Required of all franchises, the FDD is the legal representation of the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise opportunity and will be sent to you either electronically or by mail for you to review. In the FDD, you will find a summary of financial performance for their franchise stores as well as in-depth information about their processes and operations. They will schedule a phone call to discuss each element in the FDD, typically within 10 days of your receipt of the document.

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Business Planning

Their business planning process includes an in-depth look at their comprehensive support services for all elements of franchise operation. They will provide you with access to a sample business plan along with financial projection worksheets and detailed information about third-party financing options via their fourth online module. As you are working on your business plan, you will be invited to attend scheduled webinars with their team to learn more about the ongoing support services that they provide to their franchise store owners. You will have lots of opportunities to ask even more detailed questions about their ongoing support services.

Meet the Flock

Once you’ve submitted your business plan, They will schedule a webinar with members of their operations team.

You will be invited to virtually attend their “Meet the Flock” day. There, you will meet additional staff who will provide you with continued support as you run your business. In the past, they did this final meeting in person, but have migrated (get it?) to a fully virtual Meet the Flock day since the pandemic. Mutually, they will make the decision to move forward on signing a Franchise Reservation Agreement or a Franchise Agreement.

Wild Birds Unlimited Reviews

There are several advantages to opening a Wild Birds Unlimited. The first (and possibly the most important) benefit is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to open. It takes between $40,000 – $50,000 to open a store and you only need a net worth of $300,000; a far more affordable option when compared to other franchises.

In addition to a reasonable financial investment, Wild Birds Unlimited partners with local organizations to push their mission of bringing people and nature together. This creates community amongst customers and provides them with events and fundraisers to attend at the store in benefit of local non-profits. Other events include conservation efforts, science projects, information sessions, and bird-watching lectures. By engaging with your customers in this way, you are more likely to retain loyal customers and develop a relationship with each one.

Over the past two decades, this franchise has received awards for its excellence and has even been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review, and USA Today. Awards and recognition prove that your franchisor is capable of big business.

Franchise development for Wild Birds Unlimited is only 45-60 days. This swift development process is much shorter when compared to other big franchise giants. Many restaurants, for example, can take up to a year to be approved. Having a short time frame means that you can quickly open your store with little wait time. The time really depends on how many days you need to construct, build, or re-do your site.

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In addition to these advantages, the franchise also provides you with ample leadership training, information systems, a Franchise Support Center, business coaches, technical support, a franchise store owner community, and VetFran financing assistance. While many franchises do not have significant financial assistance, Wild Birds Unlimited makes sure that you have access to funds in case of an emergency. This financial aid is offered through VetFran, a third-party financing assistance firm.

Main Advantages

Reasonable business operations cost
Local organization partnership
Award-winning business
Short approval time
Significant business support
Challenges of Wild Birds Unlimited
Thankfully, there aren’t many challenges when it comes to opening a Wild Birds Unlimited outlet. The one downside, however, is quite significant: How likely are you to attract bird-feeding enthusiasts?

This hobby is very niche, resulting in a far smaller target audience than compared to, say, sports or mass-market pet stores. You will have to do adequate research before opening a site to ensure that you are in a location filled with wildlife lovers and bird-feeding enthusiasts that are underserved.

bird feeder
Humming bird at a bird feeder.

There’s also the challenge of retailers like Amazon taking a cut out of profitability. Customers can have bird seed, bird feeders, and other materials for less online. Many businesses discovered this risk first hand over the past year.

Main Challenges

  • Smaller target audience.
  • Price competition from retail tech companies like Amazon.


Is the Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Right for You?

Before you open a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise, ask yourself if this business is the right one for you. This small franchise is looking for business owners who are focused on building a business enterprise that combines their love of nature with their love of community.

If you aren’t passionate about wildlife or birds this probably isn’t the right opportunity for you. There are plenty of other ways to make money with franchising.

What are the Basic Requirements for Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise?

Their ideal store owner is someone full of energy, motivation, and natural communication skills. If you love nature, birds, and helping people out, Wild Birds Unlimited may be the right business opportunity for you.

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