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Anyone can participate in Zerdha referral program and start earning.  You will have to just  start referring friends, family members and colleagues. If you have referred more than 100 clients Zerodha will contact you for further discussion about their partner program. Please note the lead source needs to be genuine and valid. You should not post any paid promotions ads to generate leads.

How much can you earn with Zerodha?

When you refer a client to Zerodha, we credit you with 300 reward points for each referral. These reward points can be used to subscribe to our premium products and partner services (more here). We’ve also been following up with the exchanges to allow a percentage sharing of brokerage like we offered for referring until April 2018, which we had to stop since there was no regulation that explicitly allowed sharing of brokerage revenue with clients. The exchange recently published this circular that allows brokers to now offer such incentives. So, along with the current rewards programme, you will now earn 10% of the brokerage paid by anyone you referred from Jan 1st, 2020.

How to refer to any client?

Refer your friends on Console, or share a referral link from our website, and earn 10% of the brokerage they pay if they open an account using your referral link. That’s it! It’s that simple!

Note: The minimum payout under this programme has to be Rs.1000, and you should have at least 5 referrals, for you to be able to withdraw your referral earnings. We will start processing withdrawal requests for this referral bonus from April 1, 2020. Here are the terms & conditions to participate in the referral programme.

Zerodha Sub Broker Franchise Benefits

All clients of Zerodha shall be eligible to receive an incentive for referring friends/family and prospective clients at Zerodha. Clients would earn 10% of all brokerage generated from referred clients, till such time Zerodha continues to carry on this Referral Incentive Scheme if all the following conditions are met:

Terms and conditions

  • All such referred clients must complete their account opening process & have their trading and demat account activated within 60 days of being referred on Zerodha’s website/application.
  • In case a referred client completes his/her account opening within 60 days of being referred, using the same contact number & email ID as the client referring had inputted during referring to such client, it would be recognised as a “Completed Referral”.
  • An act of being referred would include: (a) the referrer inputting the referee’s details, i.e. contact number and email ID, on the referral page of Zerodha’s website or application; & (b) the referee inputting his/her own contact number & email ID on a referral link/page of Zerodha, created by the referrer.
  • All Completed Referrals who have opened an account on or after January 1, 2020 will be eligible for brokerage sharing towards clients/referees who have referred clients under this Referral Incentive Scheme.
  • To begin earning incentives as per this scheme, an existing client would have at least 5 Completed Referrals against his/her Client ID/trading account. Referred clients from one Client ID are not transferable to another Client ID in any way possible.

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Minimum Withdrawal Amount

  • To request for withdrawal of any such incentives, the minimum payout amount from all brokerage generated, post having 5 Completed Referrals against his/her Client ID, must be Rs. 1,000 (One Thousand Rupees).
  • All payouts made to such clients under this Scheme shall be post Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) which shall be at 5% or as per Applicable Law.
  • In case the amount payable is at least Rs. 1000, a withdrawal request would be accepted as per the Rules of this Scheme.
  • Any additional payments with respect to GST or any other such taxes, even if any such person is eligible for the same, will not be made over and above the amount eligible to be withdrawn as per the brokerage generated shown on the referral page.
  • In case any client under a Client ID is eligible to withdraw an amount (i.e. the amount payable is above Rs. 1000 post deductions, and the client has 5 Completed Referrals), he/she shall withdraw such amount within a period of 365 days from such date of being eligible to withdraw. In case such an amount is not withdrawn within 365 days from such date of eligibility, all such eligible amounts payable shall lapse for the client.
  • No eligible amount shall be paid out to any client, in case the Client ID/trading account of the client has been closed/deactivated for any reason whatsoever.
  • All eligible amounts available for withdrawal will be deposited towards the client’s linked bank account which is in his/her own name and not in any other person’s name.

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  • The breakup of brokerage generated from each Completed Referral will not be shown to all referees/clients, and only a total of all brokerage generated from all Completed Referrals will be shown to clients/referees referring prospective clients under this Referral Incentive Scheme.
  • Only 10% brokerage generated from such Completed Referrals shall be shared, and this shall not include any other charges, such as; taxes, transaction charges, SEBI/Exchange related charges and such other charges.
  • All clients requesting for withdrawal of any incentive payouts must abide by, declare and agree to all clauses stated below. In case any misrepresentation or incorrect declaration is provided, such clients shall indemnify Zerodha for any such damages, direct or consequential, with respect to any violations of Circulars, Rules & Regulations, Bye-Laws of all Recognized Stock Exchanges (as defined by SEBI) and any such Applicable Law in India.
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