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Barbeque Nation Franchise Cost, Benefit, Wiki, How To Apply, Investment | SkillsAndTech

Barbeque Nation is the ultimate spot for mouth-watering kebabs and grills without worrying about the bill.  Barbeque Nation is the must-visit spot for everyone disregarding their age. In today’s article, we will talk about the quality food of Barbeque Nation and details on how you can own a Barbeque Nation franchise.

Barbeque Nation Franchise Wiki

Barbeque Nation is a paramount casual dining restaurant in India. The company started with the tagline of

“The World On A Grill”

Their tagline is best epitomised by their philosophy, decor and of course their food.  It is an ‘Over the table Barbeque’ with live grills on the dinning-room table. The guests can enjoy their grilled demands right on the table. Their journey to lead in preparing delicious meals started in 2006. Barbeque Nation operates 138 outlets in India along with 1 outlet in Malaysia and Oman and 5 outlets in UAE.

The Barbeque Nation strictly shares the luxury of Indian cuisine in every outlet. For both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, they offer unique, updated dishes based on Indian cuisine. Barbeque Nation also conducts a popular food festival called ‘Jhoom Barbeque Jhoom Kebabi’ every year. So that its customers can enjoy a large variety of food from Indian and international cuisines.

Barbeque Nation is the ultimate destination for food bloggers. If you meet a food lover with a list of ten places to visit for great food, Barbeque Nation will be among the first three names.

BBQ Business Model

Barbeque Nation follows a unique style of business. They serve the plates generously, maintaining their profit pocket at the same time. They have a fixed price with ‘all you can eat’ quotation. This means you pay for once in terms of hours for a day and you eat until you burp! They offer delicious and consistent food items with reasonable prices and fantastic dining ambiance.

They focus on customer satisfaction and service on supreme work quality.

Barbeque Nation is the 13th best company in India in which an individual can work.

In 2019, the Economic Times has given Barbeque Nation a place among their ‘Great Places to Work’ survey which was conducted by Great Places to Work Institute.

Also, Barbeque Nation was voted as the top ten employers in 2019 within the Indian Retail Industry.

It won the 14th position among the best large workspace in Asia which was given by the Great Places to Work Institute.

Benefits of Barbeque Nation Franchise

Barbeque Nation operates under the banner of Barbeque Nation Hospitality Private Ltd. They have a lot to offer for their business partners and the customers.

It is undoubtedly to say that, a franchise business brings profit and promises a generous return on an investment after a certain time. But to sneak into investing in a fresh field of business is beneficial or a loss. But for the Barbeque Nation franchise, it is a superb choice.

Barbeque Nation Franchise Profit

Barbeque Nation is a company that welcomes franchisors with good guidelines, business manuals, staff training, etc.

In the 12-13 years of rewarding success, there is not a single day when Barbeque Nation was closed. This shows the consistency of their service.

The profitability of Barbeque Nation stores is 95% as the restaurant chain claims. The remaining 5% is for those who are still trying to make ground in their zones.

Barbeque Nation has a successful career graph. The restaurant has awards of marvelous achievements for their service in India.

Working under the roof of such a reputation is a golden opportunity for a businessman. You would be a part of spreading happiness to your customers by serving taste in their plates.

The Demand of Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation has won awards in being the best. Any company, especially one from the food industry when they are capable to earn that reputation, is an enormous success. In 2019 they announced it as the best place for employers to work. In an interview, Sameer Bhasin, the owner and founder of Barbeque Nation, told that casual dinings are highly segmented these days. He also added that the brand is well-known in the market for serving a wide variety of food under the same roof.

The brand has overall 72 restaurants across 26 cities in India. The company seeks into opening more Barbeque Nation franchises in the coming years. By 2020, they have a target of establishing 300 outlets all over the country.

Market Potential of Barbeque Nation

The Barbeque Nation franchise is always in outrageous demand as it has amazing market potential. The innovative idea of ‘live grill’ has made Barbeque Nation stand different in the crowd. As per market sources, Barbeque Nation will continue a pre-IPO placement worth Rs. 150 crore. The issue size of the Barbeque Nation hospitality is 1000 – 1200 crore.

The casual dining market in India is flourishing. The tier-II cities are still prone to develop and search for CDR restaurants like Barbeque Nation. From 2013 to 2017, the food company saw the compound annual growth rate of 19%. Besides all these, Barbeque Nation is increasing its popularity for being the hotspot of food bloggers and influencers. The social media and digital media is taking an immense responsibility into boosting the market potentiality of Barbeque Nation. If you spend the estimated money on franchising the company now, in a decade you would shine at the peak in the food industry under the responsible brand name.

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How to get Barbeque Nation Franchise

Barbeque Nation franchise is a profitable business. The owner will have to invest a considerable amount on the first step while the return amount will be not double or triple but many times higher to that of the invested money. Apart from fame, customers know that the name Barbeque Nation is enough to trust the food. You get to work under a pre-existing brand name.

Steps to start Barbeque nation franchise

Visit the official website of Barbeque Nation.

Click here to visit :

Scroll down to the extreme bottom of the website.

You will find a ‘contact us’ option. Click on that.

There is a business inquiry form on their website. Enter valid details and contact Barbeque Nation officials.

Since they are a leading brand, they maintain secrecy about franchising details in the competitive market. you must keep that and proceed accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria

To become an owner of Barbeque Nation franchise, you need to meet certain requirements –

  1. Skills & training

Opening a food and beverage industry wants its owner to have a stronghold in the industry. But the franchise must be keen to work in the field with its outrageous entrepreneurial skills.

Being the owner of the Barbeque Nation franchise, you must recruit staff looking at the class of the city. Select the ones who are friendly yet professional to the customers and would love their job. A Barbeque Nation outlet will have an executive chef along with other chefs, storekeepers, helpers, and stewards.

  1. Area

Space should be big enough to accommodate a kitchen, store, and fit the dinning-room tables. Overall, an area of 4000 sq.ft to 5000 sq.ft is good to go. The location that Barbeque Nation prefers for their franchise to function from is a ground floor facing the main road. But if you want to make it more exotic. You can choose a top floor with a terrace view which will be an open roof Barbeque Nation franchise. The company also accommodates prime locations at shopping centres and city malls.

  1. Legal Agreements

Your Barbeque Nation franchise must enter into a legal standard agreement to get the franchise. The agreement is for 9 years and renewable mutually among the parties of the business.

An individual owning the franchisee has to pay a franchise fee of Rs. 25 lacs to begin the franchise. You also have to pay a yearly royalty of 8% for Barbeque Nation partnership.

  1. Barbeque Nation Franchise Cost

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A Barbeque Nation franchise requires a small investment of 1 crore to 2 crore rupees. The amount might be inflating to you, but it is worth investing in. The investment amount will share their part in rent, interiors, cutlery, staff payment, and handling to set up the outlet as per the brand standard. Once the Barbeque Nation outlet starts running in full swing, the invested amount will be reaped in a short time.

Barbeque Nation Franchise Cost, Investment

Total investment of 1 – 2 crore rupees

A good amount of 25 lakhs for a franchise agreement and legal licensing

Additionally, 4000 – 5000 sq. ft area to accommodate Barbeque Nation franchise.

Also, it includes trained staff

Barbeque Nation Franchise profit

By now, you must have understood the potential of Barbeque Nation in the market. The position that the brand name holds is enough for a businessman to prosper with great profit and success.

How much Profit can you earn with Barbeque Nation Franchise?

Here the estimated expenses to run Barbeque franchise are given.

Monthly rent paid: If the space is rented

Salary per employee:  You will have a need of 12 employees to run the Barbeque Nation Franchise outlet.

Other Expenses: like electricity, Water bill

How many customers you may get daily?

On an average, there is 30 customer footfalls will be in Barbeque Nation Franchise outlet.

  Average amount per order: Rs. 1600

Total income in a day: (30*1600) = Rs. 48000

Monthly income = Rs. 48000*30 = Rs. 1440000

Gross profit for every month = Rs. 720000 – Rs. 290000 = Rs. 4,30,0000

Contact Information

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Address –

Barbeque Nation – Head Office

Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd., No 62, Site No,

The survey, 13, 6th Cross Rd, NS Palya, Stage 2,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076 India.

Phone – 08061756070

Email –

For exclusive Corporate Deals for all your Team outings & Group bookings.

Email: or Call us at 080 35095808

For corporate tie-ups,



When a restaurant is offering so much for little, why not go for Barbeque Nation franchise? After all, it’s about the Saturday nights and love for grilled chicken that we share. Within a decade or more, in the industry of ‘live grill’, Barbeque Nation will keep its reputation on top.

The pan India presence of Barbeque Nation is promising. But, they have motives for moving their business to the Far East and Overseas. At this hour, owning a Barbeque Nation franchise is a marvellous opportunity. Also, a lot of restaurants have replicated the monopoly idea of Barbeque Nation in serving ‘live grill’. Yet, Barbeque Nation continues to hold its supremacy and will always win and rule the race.

Additionally, with the least effort and average investment, you can start with the Barbeque Nation franchise today and flourish.

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