BNI Global Franchise In USA Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

BNI Global Franchise In USA Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

If you’re looking for a well-established network that offers mutual business benefits, BNI could be one of your options. It’s a member-focused business referral network that empowers members to have long-lasting connections with like-minded business professionals. As a result, members enjoy more immense opportunities and better potential for business growth.

If you’ve always wondered about BNI Global franchise cost, it’s your lucky day! In this article, we’re tackling the figures you need to operate the business as well as other duties you have to comply with.

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BNI Global Franchise Wiki

Before we get right into the BNI Global franchise cost, let’s get to know the brand a little bit better. In 1984, Dr. Ivan Misner was exploring ways to increase clients for his personal consulting business. He coordinated with friends Carolyn Denny, CPA; Lee Shimmin, insurance agent; and Mike Ryan, a financial planner, to create a plan. In 1985, they held their first meeting in Arcadia, California.

In 1991, The Network became Business Network International. Later, they focused the name as BNI for trademark purposes. Two years later, BNI opened internationally, with the Thunder Bay, Ontario Chapter being the first one outside the US.

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Today, BNI Franchising, LLC, franchises the Chapters through its head office in Charlotte, North Carolina. As mentioned earlier, Chapters have members who are business professionals. That said, franchisees instruct and train members on how to grow each one’s business through qualified referrals. The franchisee provides the structure and format to enable the group to maximize growth and profit.

The franchisees, who are also called Executive Directors, help start and grow chapters. They earn revenue from membership fees. Because members enjoy the bigger benefit by expanding their Chapter, they also act as recruiters to grow the group.

BNI Global Franchise Benefits

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This is highly confidential information. Because this company had not disclosed it. You can only know about this after applying for the franchise. All this will be discussed when the basic criteria are met and fulfilled. You can know the procedure as follows.

BNI Global Franchise Cost

Name of FeeLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000
Orientation and Conference and Travel Expenses$2,000$4,000
Training Fees$1,600$2,800
Professional Fees$2,000$10,000
Supplies, Equipment and Software$6,000$7,000
Advertising Expenses$500$1,000
Video Conferencing License $80 $6,880 
Additional Funds – 3 Months$1,000$5,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$59,680$88,180

BNI Global Franchise Training Overview

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Aside from shouldering the BNI Global franchise cost, a franchisee must also be ready to invest time in training programs. The head office requires applicants to undergo a two-part training program. The first one is a five-day Executive Director Training, while the second one is a three-day Support Director Consultant Orientation.

Both courses are available around two to three times a year in their head office in Charlotte or in other locations across the US. They also attend advanced training programs at least once every year. The location and time of these advanced training programs depends on the arrangements made by the franchisor.

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BNI Global Franchise Obligations and Restrictions

Financial aspects and the BNI Global franchise cost aside, there are also duties you need to comply with if you wish to open a Chapter. Franchise owners should directly supervise the Chapter. If they can’t do so for any reason, they need to assign a person to assume the duties required under the agreement. 

Unlike other types of franchised businesses, BNI Global doesn’t grant exclusive territory. That said, they will receive rights to open a Chapter within an area, which is called a “region” in the agreement. In addition to that, there’s no minimum region size and no criteria as to region size. You can’t operate the network outside the region specified in the agreement.

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BNI Global Franchise Requirements

This is highly confidential information. Because this company had not disclosed it. You can only know about this after applying for the franchise. All this will be discussed when the basic criteria are met and fulfilled. You can know the procedure as follows.

BNI Global Franchise Profit

Franchise revenue depends on a wide range of factors, as does profit. How much money you can make from any franchise depends on a number of specific factors such as franchise location, labor costs, commercial lease rates and a number of other factors.

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How to Apply For BNI Global Franchise 

To get the franchise first you have to fill the form. Then the company officials will contact you for further details. After that you you can open this franchise.

Apply Here

BNI Global Franchise Contact details



Is it profitable or not?

Ans: It is fast moving products, so there is fewer margins but your sale is too high. So, obviously you can make more profit from this business.

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Did You Know?

Here are a few fun things to know about the business:

  • BNI’s mission is pretty simple – to help members boost business growth through a referral marketing program. The program is designed to be positive and structured, allowing each person to develop meaningful connections with other professionals.
  • BNI prides itself on having an unmatched global network. At present, it has 270,000 members, 9,500 global Chapters, and 12.2 million member referrals worldwide. But the network goes beyond mere connections; it also translates to profit. In fact, they boast of a $16.7 billion member-generated business.
  • BNI operates with an underlying philosophy – Givers Gain®. What does it mean? Simple – by providing business to others, you will also get business in return. This philosophy is basically based on the law of reciprocity. By doing their best to help others, co-members do their best to return their kindness. And this process boosts the network’s reach far better than any individual can do for themselves.

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  • The network has set parameters to measure one’s commitment to Givers Gain®. They call it the Power of One concept, which calls for:
    • One meeting per member every week
    • A referral per member every week
    • A One-to-One per member every week
    • One visitor per member every month
    • A Chapter Education Unit (CEU) per member per month
  • The Chapter screens aspiring members. If one is a good fit, they will be invited to apply. That said, not just about anyone can be a member. To enjoy the perks of more sales at a lower cost and less effort, one must be fully committed to the network. 


So far we have shared the basics for this franchise. It is the most profitable franchise. You will never doubt your decision to start this franchise. Go ahead and achieve your goal. If you find more information please feel free to share with us. Share your thoughts and we will definitely contact you with new franchise and opportunities. Stay Tuned for more franchise. Thank you

Disclaimer: The information given in this article like investment may vary from place to place, so we are not sure about the investment part.

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