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The world is changing & newer technologies are replacing the old technologies & products. In this process of revolution & advancement “Fly Ash Bricks” have replaced the traditional clay & sand bricks that used to be very harmful to the environment. The chimneys produce a lot of air pollution & the raw material also affects soil & causes soil erosion.

Why Fly Ash Bricks Business?

Here is the solution, Fly Ash Bricks are the best replacement for Traditional Bricks & plants & requires less labor & investment cost. Thus in the current era Fly, Ash Bricks Manufacturing Business is going to be the next generation business as the government has banned the Sand Bricks plants across various states & different parts of our country.

How to start Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing Business ?

To start Fly Ash Bricks Business, you will need :

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  1. Fly Ash: The waste produced from thermal power plants is known as fly ash. Fly ash is the primary component & alternative for sand & clay in bricks manufacturing. In India, more than 6 Lakh Tonnes fly ash is produced per year which is equal to India’s yearly cement consumption. Thus you don’t need to worry about the raw material. Moreover, this is in control of government bodies, thus no need to worry about the fly ash availability & shortage.
  2. Cement: Cement is the secondary component yet most important raw material in cement brick manufacturing. Usually, 10 % cement is used in the manufacturing of fly ash bricks.
  3. Sand/Stone Dust: Sand/stone dust is used as the additional raw material in the manufacturing of fly ash bricks. The composition of sand/ is around 30 % for a perfect fly ash brick.

Process of Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing

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The Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing process consists of three parts :

  1. Mixing the raw materials with Pan Mixer
  2. Formation of Bricks with Hydraulic pressing machine
  3. Curation & Drying of Bricks

Fly ash bricks making business

Process 1: Mixing of Raw Material

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Mixing is a very crucial process in fly ash brick manufacturing. It is very essential to mix the Fly Ash, Sand, Cement & Water in a fixed proportion for a perfect Fly Ash Brick. Typically the composition used in 60 %,30% & 10 % respectively for Fly Ash,Sand & Cement. These components are stirred & mixed finely with a pan mixer machine for at least 5 minutes.

Process 2: Formation of Bricks with Hydraulic pressing machine

Once the raw material is ready, the clay formed is placed in the Bricks Making, a machine which is a hydraulic pressing machine that compresses the clay into the shape of a brick. There is a Variety of Bricks Manufacturing Machines available in the market like automatic bricks-making machines, manual bricks-making machines. The semi-automatic & manual bricks making machines can produce 2000-5000 bricks a day whereas automatic machines can produce 20000 bricks a day very easily.

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Process 3: Curing & Drying of Bricks

Bricks require regular curing for at least 7 days & then air-dried for 14 – 20 days.

This is the complete process of Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing.

Labour & Manpower Requirement for Fly Ash Bricks Business

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This will depend upon the type of machine you are using. For example, if you are working with two bricks semi-automatic machine you can easily produce 2k to 3k bricks per day with 1 Labour to operate a mixer & 1 hydraulic press machine operator.

Similarly, you can operate 4 bricks-making machines with 2 Manpower.

Investment required for Fly ash Bricks Making Business

Here is the breakdown of investment for Bricks making business :

  • Pan Mixer Machine: 60-80 K
  • Bricks Making Machine: 50 k to 5 Lakhs depending upon the machine type (Automatic, Semi-automatic )
  • Raw Material: Raw material of at least 20 k in beginning.

Profit Margin

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You can easily sell bricks to contractors, builders or Building material stores with an average margin of 80 paisa to 1.50 rs per brick after cutting all investment & labour costs.

If you are selling as a retailer,you can easily earn 1 rs to 1.5 rs per bricks, if you are selling as a wholeseller than the margin reduces to 70 – 90 paise per unit bricks.

So, after all calculations, you can easily make 2000-4000 rs per day with one machine and investment of 2 – 2.5 lakhs. You can scale this business by adding more machines to increase the production.

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