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Freightliner is a top manufacturer of commercial trucks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly every product offered for sale in the U.S. spends some time on a truck. Therefore, becoming a Freightliner dealer provides an opportunity for large returns on your capital investment, as truck drivers need commercial vehicles to transport products.

Visit the Freightliner website. Review the page and become familiar with the information.

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Locate the tab at the top of the page titled “Inside Freightliner.” Click on the “Dealer Opportunities” link. View the page that provides information regarding Freightliner dealership information.

Print the “Dealership Opportunities Inquiry Form” or enter your information on the screen. Include your name, company name, address, phone number and e-mail address

Describe your business in the box provided. Include information regarding the types of vehicles you currently offer, how many years experience you have, and additional certifications or information that qualifies you to sell Freightliners.

Enter the city and state where you would like to operate a Freightliner dealership. Click “Next.”

Select “Sales and Service” from the drop-down menu. Answer the question, “Do you currently have a facility suitable for a dealership operation?” by highlighting the “Yes” or “No” bubble.

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Enter your available capital in the following space. Click on the bubble to receive information via e-mail or telephone. Review the terms and conditions. Check the box stating that you accept the terms. Click “Submit.”

Provide the representative with your information when he contacts you. He will go over your online application and request a copy of your current business license and tax identification number.

Supply the requested information. Complete the in-depth application provided by the representative.

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