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How To Start Lassi Shop| SkillsAndTech

Are you excited to know how to get Lassi Shop Franchise, here you will get all the details about the Business and also know about profit, requirements, cost Etc.

Lassi Shop serves the best quality of fresh juices, mocktail, and smoothies.

Lassi Shop is youngster Café that looks to successful food retailing worldwide by offering buyers “Crisp, Healthy, and Tasty Authentically made Lassi and Mocktails at affordable cost“.

Lassi Franchise

Would you wish to start a Lassi franchise company in your place? If so, proceed through this informative article to understand how to start a Lassi franchise such as price, investment, and contact particulars.

The brand provides healthy, fresh, and flavorful drinks as a superior alternative to carbonated beverages invading the nation to the clients. Right now, the business has over 500 Lassi Shops around the nation.

They craft those exquisitely with the best ingredients devised by the creator. Consequently, it produces an excellent collection of tastes. It is a Little format F&B Retail series which only focuses on the subcontinent’s popular conventional yogurt-based beverage’Lassi’

Consequently, if you would like to start a tiny retail company in the food and drink business, then it is the ideal selection for you.

Lassi Shop Franchise Details

Lassi Shop is a good and unique concept of café expanding with good food retailing globally. Their vision is to design for traditional culture by celebrating memorable moments with family, friends, and colleagues throughout the best unique types of lassi & mocktails.

The Lassi Shop Company is only one of the great multi-location managed food retail ventures by focusing on India’s food & beverage sector.

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They started a company in 2016, 125+ outlets has grown across India, also they have running various size and model of Cafes, Restaurants, Kiosk within Top IT Companies of the world.

Lassi Shop Franchise Cost

To become part of the success story in the food retails industry, You should have approx. Rs 10 lakh to 15 lakh investment cost for a franchise of Lassi Shop.

Lassi Shop Franchise Cost Table

Cost For Lassi Shop Franchise
InvestmentINR 10 lakh – 15 lakh
Brand FeeINR 0
Space170 Sq Ft – 200 Sq Ft
Expected Monthly SalesINR 7.5 lakh
Profit Margin60%
Royalty5% on Sales

Lassi Shop Profit

Are you excited to know about is Lassi Shop Franchise is profitable? Then Yes.

It is the best profitable business for your success, you will get around 60% margin on sale in this franchise.

How to Open Lassi Shop Franchise

Step 1:

First, you apply application form for Lassi Shop.

Step 2:

The company representative will arrange a meeting with you soon. Carry Aadhar card & Mail Id.

Step 3:

Signing the agreement, this was provided by the company representative.

Step 4:

The administration office will approve your application, and then you should need to pay 2 Lakhs rupees (Cheque/ online Transfer Method). Company doesn’t take cash payment

Step 5:

Then you will get payment slip and confirmation mail forms the Lassi Shop team.

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Step 6:

You must select ground floor retails space with 10 sq ft area. Send Google map location with 360-degree video of the shop.

Step 7:

After approval of your application, you will need to pay the remaining balance amount

Step 8:

Sending 4 staff members for training with their ID.

Step 9:

Within 30-40 days from the date of application, you can set up shop.

Advantages of Lassi Shop Franchise

It is the low investment cost business model, which means don’t need to take much risk in a startup business
The café culture is getting too much popularity not only in the urban areas but also in a small town.
In India summer are too lengthy, at least 9 months’ weather is hot and humid. so this the best time to consume lassi. so you get good sales revenue every year.
Its good profitable business in the food retailing sector.

Lassi Shop Menu

Lassi Shop Various Type of Menu With Traditional Culture

  • Lassi
  • Faluda
  • Kulfi
  • Protein Shakes
  • Mocktails
  • Juice

Lassi Franchise Support

Lassi Shop Company provide support to helping the startup to Franchise of Lassi Shop

  • Staff training
  • Complete Shop set up
  • Marketing
  • Documentation of franchise
  • Helping Location Identification depends on crowd
  • security measure support
  • supply chain connection
  • All required equipment

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Lassi Shop Franchise Contact Details

Lassi Shop is a Bangalore based startup business. However, we didn’t get any contact details from the websites of the company.

Currently, the market of Lassi Shop is profitable, then You start Bussiness in franchise.

So can apply directly on the company website Which given bellow.

Lassi Shop Website
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