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Memorizing is a part of study. By memorizing, I never mean cramming. Cramming should always be avoided because it puts end to creativity. We study different types of subjects containing different type of data.

We learn it and we need to have sketch of that learning in our mind for reproducing it in exam in our own words. In a subject, there may be some information which needs to be learnt as well as memorized. Like in Biology there are many biological terms which are derived from other languages, or name of medicines, such name should be memorized.

Suppose you are studying chemical process in your book of chemistry. This chemical process comprises of 10 phases, each phase has its scientific name. You study the process and understand it but you have to memorize the scientific name of each phase involved in the process as well as the sequence of phases.

If you are writing the whole process in exam and you understand all the process but you don’t know the correct names (usually scientific terms) of each phase or the correct sequence of phases then obviously the checker will give you less marks.

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