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The Icecream Bakery Franchise evidently thinks ice cream is a feeling after all.

About The Icecream Bakery

The creation of a luxury ice cream salon was a long-awaited ambition of two rising entrepreneurs. In Vashi, Mumbai, on September 15, 2016, Ice-Cream Bakery opened its first shop. The founders of TiB started a journey with 6-year expertise in the fast-food market, bringing the best of fresh fruits, chocolate, and some exquisite Life tastes. At the next level at TiB, the concept of ice cream was adopted. This age-old favorite delicacy is delicate tweeting to its buds, which creates living ice creams for their guests. 

The Icecream Bakery Franchise Model

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InvestmentRs. 25 lakhs
Area Required250 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 5 lakhs

Features Of The Icecream Bakery Franchise

  • This Icecream bakery gives to its clients ice creams in a variety of forms, like swirls, rolls, sundaes, and much more ice cream treats. It is an incredible restaurant, shopping, food, and drinks.
  • They serve in the ice cream fusion ice cream, ice cream cake fusion, ice cream waffles sandwich, ice cream gourmet waffles, and ice cream fusion.
  • Special milk frosts are served in the desserts, regular milk frost, waffles, fruity waffles, waffles, and frosts of special milk.
  • Chocolate rollies, premium rollies, rollies for fruit, other flavors, Italian sorbets, ordinary and fruit Italian sorbets are also available to you.
  • The ice cream roller machinery ( 1 and 2 plates), soft serving machine, and freezer are included in their machinery.

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  • They also employ waffle machines such as Candy and Cone, Kulfi / Candy waffle, and the Belgian milkshake mixer.
  • Their Ice cream rolls have been adjusted for fresh and tangy ice cream by using a concept of Thailand’s street foods with milk, Fresh Fruits, and Chocolates.
  • Ice Cream Candies / Kulfi comes in a sweet candy mold, which can manufacture 40 candy/candies in 15 minutes, by putting the Premix/Sharbat/chocolate paste.
  • Increasing strategy support for Marketing & sales.
  • Dealing with Online Living Partners.
  • Facility for software and accounting.
  • The agreement on franchises is renewable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The Icecream Bakery Franchise?

The investment of The Icecream Bakery Franchise is Rs. 25 lakhs.

What Is The Model Of The Icecream Bakery Franchise?

The model of The Icecream Bakery Franchise is QSR.

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