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Zwarma Franchise Headquarter is situated in Chennai. The Shawarma dish has gained popularity through the influence of Turkish Empire Ottoman. In fact, the word shawarma was said to have originated from the Turkish word “çevirme”.

Who is the Founder of Zwarma Franchisee Owner?

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DINESH RATHINAM is the founder of Zwarma Shawarma Franchise.  He realized that most of us have been served with NON-CORE competence of real shawarma. It was founded behind one simple IDEA to serve the UNIQUE Levantine Cuisine based Shawarma with a wide range of varieties.

 The first franchise was launched in Nov 2018.  Later it was expanded to Mumbai in November, 2019. In March, 2020 Zwarma Franchise was expanded to Telangana.  At present, It has more than 100 outlets including Banglore, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

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First Outlet Open : Nov 2018

First Outlet open in Mumbai : November, 2019

First Outlet open in Telangana : March 2020

First Outlet open in banglore : December, 2019

First Outlet open in Andhra Pradesh : September, 2020

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First Outlet open in Kerala : November, 2021

How much profit can I earn with the Zwarma franchise?

Zwarma Barbecue Franchise Revenue or Profit per Customer

Zwarma Franchise Revenue for two people is around Rs 200 to Rs 400. There will be 18% GST charge.  The good thing is that there is no service charge on customers.

How to get Zwarma – The Shawarma Makers Franchise?

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How to Apply online for Zwarma Franchise?

Click here to apply online for Zwarma Franchise

There will be a form.  You will have to fill up that form.  The form will have the following options to fill up.


  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone
  • Select Region
  • Your Location
  • Select Franchise Type
  • Express your Interest

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You will have to fill up all the above options and then click on Submit.

What Products and Services are offered at the Zwarma outlet.

Shawarmas, Grill Chicken, BBQ, Beverages.

Where can you open a Zwarma Franchise Outlet?

Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Pondicherry, Trichy, Salem, Vellore.

What do Zwarma look for in a Franchisee?

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Sell their products in their target territory. Maintain hygiene at the outlet. Must safeguard and build up the brand image.

What type of support is provided by the company?

The Zwarma Company provides the following support to their franchisee outlet.

1) Setup of Outlet.

2) Manpower and training.

3) Menu with ingredients.

4) Online Marketing.

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5) Detailed SOP.

6) Business consulting.

What is the investment required to take up Zwarma – The Shawarma Makers Franchisee?

Investment required ranges from INR 6 lakh – 10 lakh depending on the format offered.

What is the space requirement for taking up Zwarma – The Shawarma Makers Franchisee?

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Space required ranges from 50 – 200 sq ft depending on the format.

What Franchisee formats does Zwarma – The Shawarma Makers offer?

Zwarma – The Shawarma Makers offers 3 formats, i.e Storefront,Kiosk,Stand Alone Outlet.

FormatInvestmentBrand FeeSpaceStaffExp. Monthly SalesProfit MarginRoyalty
Store FrontINR 6 – 7 lakhINR 2 lakh50 – 80 Sq Ft2INR 3 lakh20%5% royalty on gross turnover to be paid each month.
KioskINR 7 – 8.5 lakhINR 2 lakh100 – 120 Sq Ft2INR 4 lakh23%5% royalty on gross turnover to be paid each month.
Stand Alone OutletINR 8.5 – 10 lakhINR 2 lakh150 – 200 Sq Ft3INR 5 lakh25%5% royalty on gross turnover to be paid each month.

Zwarma Franchise Cost, Contact Number, Menu, Review| SkillsAndTech

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