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Are you planning to start a blog for free then you are right place here in this article you will get the detailed information about how to start a blog and make money, and to start blogging as a business

If you have good knowledge about the specific subject and you are passionate about the writing then you can start blogging as an online business. You have to choose a suitable niche for the blogging you can build the audience by providing interesting information on your blogs.

Once you build your audience base you can earn money with affiliate marketing, advertising, promoting business, infopreneur etc also you can work as a freelancer in which you can write the blog for others websites and they will pay you good money.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in India

Generally, beginner finds the blogging is complicated and expensive but thanks to free blog writing sites where you can post your blog for free, we have created lots of blog over the past few years and have enough experience and knowledge about how to write a blog.

Here you will get detailed information about How to Start a Blog and Make Money in India

Blogging as a Business Opportunity

Starting blogging as a business is having a great opportunity because the small companies and business are always looking for the person who will represent their business and service on the digital platform with creative ways and writing blog is one of the best ways to tell about your service and business.

The internet users are increasing day by day and they are a supportive and creative type of users, many of them are looking for the informative type of material on the internet, so starting blogging is one of the profitable online business ideas for people like you.

Blogging Business Plan

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While starting blogging business you need to draw an exact business plan without a business plan it will be difficult to start the business here we have mentioned some points that you have to remember while initiating blogging business.

1) Select Best Blogging Niches

While staring blogging if it is difficult to choose the blogging niche then Keep in mind that, you have to select the subject in which you are having interest, if you enjoy the subject of blogging then there is more chances of becoming successful in the blogging business.

Select the blogging subject which you enjoy and has enough knowledge about the subject that will help people.

2) Choose Blogging Platforms

There are many free blogging platforms but the most popular blogging platform is WordPress, most of the popular websites are build on the WordPress because the WordPress is having easy user interface that anyone can handle.

WordPress has been downloaded by 100 million users and this number is increasing day by day WordPress is considered as best blogging platform to make money, so you can also start blogging using WordPress.

WordPress will provide you free themes and layouts, you can easily attach an image to your blog using WordPress, the installation process is simple in WordPress apart from this WordPress is free from coding you can use plug-in.

3) Buy Hosting

While starting blogging you have to buy the hosting.

4) Buy Domain

While string blogging business you have to buy the appropriate domain name is recommended that select the domain name which is relevant to your blogging subject.

5) Learn how to Use WordPress for Blog

Once you have done with the WordPress installation select the right theme for your website, and then download the plug-in that will be useful for you, you will find the WordPress easy to use, now you can start a blog and make money.

If you are wondering how to start a blog and make money then you will find lots of options some of them are mentioned below:

  • Google Adsense
  • Selling a product or service
  • Affiliate
  • Blog advertising
  • Drop Shipping

Skills Required for Blogging

Creative contain making

Obviously, a blog need contain, but keep people engaging with you contain is more important, so you have to write the engaging content that will be liked by your audience.

Be passionate about blogging

The first key to be successful in blogging business is to be passionate about your blog, therefore you have to select the blogging niche that you loved to write that keeps you connected and passionate about the blogging.

Stay updated with new ideas and bloggers

If you want to give the best information to your audience you have to stay updated here some tools that will help you to get new information

1) Quora

Quora is the platform where people asking questions if you are able to give them answers from your blog then it will help you to build the authority, engagement, and traffic on your blog.

2) Google trends

Google trend is the platform where you can easily find out the trending topics for which people are searching for, it will help you to keep updated about the audience interest.

How do Bloggers Make Money from Blogging

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While staring the blog you have to decide how you going to make money using blogging business, here we have explained some sources to types of sources in blogging that make money

1) Launch online course (Membership site)

If you are master at the specific subject the then you can sell the online training course or eBook regarding your specialized subject. Providing related service or product is the quickest way to earn money in the blogging business.

2) Affiliate marketing

If you didn’t want to create your own product, you can promote other product or service in your blog.

If you have enough traffic on your blog you can approach other service or product to sell their product on your blog.

3) Blog Advertising

Blog advertising simply displays ads on your blog. And it is one of the profitable sources to make money from blogging.

Google Adsense, and info links are a popular network for advertising.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money in India | SkillsAndTech

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