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Are you interested in starting a Domino Pizza franchise business in India? In this article, we will introduce the Dominos Pizza franchise business in detail.

Domino’s Pizza established a small store in the United States in 1960 and is now the world’s leading pizza delivery brand.

Domino’s Pizza is now active in more than 70 countries, including India. Domino’s Pizza can only be opened in India as a partner of Jubilant Food Works Limited, with the exception of pizza.

Domino’s offers a variety of dishes, such as pasta, cakes, bread and Indian dishes, chicken wings, etc. There are more than 550 domino shops in India, which are scattered in more than 120 cities in India.

Domino’s owns 72% of the pizza delivery service in India.

Domino franchise in India.

If you are investing in a pizzeria or restaurant chain and want to buy a Dominos franchise in India, Domino Pizzeria is a good choice. A business is a type of license required by a franchisee to authorize access to the business or franchisor. Based on the recommendations, methods and brands licensed by the franchisees to promote solutions or represent organizations on behalf of organizations.

However, it must be very effective. Domino’s is one of the top pizzeria brands. The taste is amazing, the delivery is fast, and the price is reasonable is a business that attracts many customers. , Attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to start domino franchise.

How to obtain the Domino franchise in India

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You must have the right question; how to obtain the Domino franchise in India Let us quickly understand the background story of the Domino’s Pizza franchise in India. In India, Domino’s Pizza was banned by Jubilant FoodWorks, and India’s first Domino’s Pizza store opened in Delhi in 1996.

Domino’s currently offers vegetable and non-vegetable pizzas and many other products such as pasta, garlic bread, caramel mousse cake, Indian tacos and chicken wings, which are very popular with Domino’s customers. There are currently about 552 domino pizzas. Opened stores in 130 cities in India, accounting for approximately 62% of the Indian pizza market and 72% of the pizza supply.

Attention. The Dominos India franchise can be opened as a spouse of Jubilant FoodWorks, so beware of scammers who will definitely buy the Dominos India franchise.

To obtain a Domino franchise in India, you must contact Jubilant FoodWorks

What makes Domino’s Pizza so picky?

If you want to run a grocery store and have sufficient funds, opening a Domino Pizza franchise is a profitable business option for people like you. Domino’s Pizza’s total assets in 2017 were US$837.8 million.

Domino’s Pizza is part of Jubilant Foodworks and they own the franchise rights of Domino’s Pizza in India.

Domino’s Pizza specializes in delicious pizza, providing high-quality delivery service and friendly service. These are well-known brands that deliver pizza within 30 minutes, otherwise customers are free.

Domino’s Pizza is committed to becoming the best pizza delivery service in the world.

Because they provide the best food, they are also engaged in delivery services. I believe that as long as the pizza is delivered to the customer’s door and the pizza is opened, family and friends will gather to share the pizza.

This is why they call it the motto “Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time”.

The domino business model of the second largest franchise in India.

Dominos Pizza sells various franchise models.

You need to choose the right franchise for your investment and needs.

1) Traditional business.

Traditional stores are retail stores located in retail locations with suitable parking spaces for delivery vehicles.

Domino’s traditional pizzeria sells pizza and other approved products through stores and door-to-door options.

2) Non-traditional business.

Pizza Dominos Unconventional stores usually only provide delivery service, that is, domino delivery. Depending on the location and size of unconventional stores, they may have seats.

Non-traditional shops are usually located in office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, toll roads, airports, zoos, grocery stores, etc.

3) Transition store.

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Transitional Stores is a domino pizza restaurant whose menu is adjusted according to location. Transitional Stores Domino Pizza has the least number of potential customers.

Transition Shops usually provide takeaway services; the location is approved by the franchisor.

The investment and space required to launch the Domino’s Pizza chain in India.

Dominos Pizza is franchised with different business models, requiring different investments and locations.

Invest in Domino’s Pizza Unconventional business. Unconventional shops that provide seating services also provide this service.

Investment in unconventional stores: 5 million Indian rupees. Invest in Domino’s Pizza traditional store.

At a convenience store, you can only order takeaway goods. Depending on the location and size of the room, seat services may be included.

Investment in traditional business: 3 million Indian rupees.

Eligibility and Requirements to Start.

Domino’s pizza franchise.

The success of Domino Pizza depends on the work of franchise partners

Franchise partners are usually called Domino;

Dominos prefer qualified entrepreneurs when choosing franchise partners, because the success of franchising depends on the skill of the person , Management skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, etc.

Step 1)

In order to set up Domino’s Pizza Franchise, you must apply for Domino’s Pizza Franchise

Step 2)

After pre-selecting your application, you will receive a telephone interview document.

Step 3)

If the telephone interview is positive, the franchise development manager will arrange a franchise development appointment.

Step 4)

The franchise development meeting discussed the details of opening and developing a Domino’s Pizza franchise store.

Step 5)

Provide financial data for due diligence after receiving positive results from the franchise development meeting.

Step 6)

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Jawed Habib

After receiving the financial information, you need to follow the orientation plan to learn the process of successfully opening a Domino store.

Step 7)

The last and most important step is to sign the franchise agreement based on the conditions set by the franchisor.

Step 8)

Once you becomes a Domino Pizza franchisee. The franchisor has provided you with instructions on how to open a Domino’s pizza restaurant.

Contact Details for Applying Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India

To start the domino’s pizza franchises in India, you can contact the following address

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office,

B 214, Phase II,

Noida – 201 305,

Phone – +91-120-4090500, Fax – +91-120-40905599.

You can also visit the official website for more details.

How to Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise India ?

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