How to Sell Clothes Online in India | SkillsAndTech

How to Sell Clothes Online in India | SkillsAndTech

Speak to specialists or experienced professionals in the space. The important Thing whilst starting any business is understanding the marketplace. You should be known about the changes, what the market wants, all about it and only if you find it profitable.

Go and get the financial condition of the organization, the yields existing sellers are getting in their investments, turnover, gross and net profit ratio, etc..

Every industry at its core is unique. The uniqueness is significantly Reflected in its micro and macro level. When planning to venture into the unknown it’s always better to be well equipped with advice.

Rather than getting worried about managing the massive sum, employ an agency to perform an in-depth sector analysis or deploy all your resources in performing formal industry analysis. You could always start small.

A Lot of People have an interest In buying and wearing new clothing. Most love to wear different and trendy clothing every day. There Are Lots of good opportunities from different websites to be an online vendor

You will find the below-given website which allows you to open your online clothing store and how to sell clothes online in India also the best site to sell clothes online India.

Best site to sell clothes Online India

While looking for how to sell clothes online in India you must look for best site to sell clothes online India. so here we have listed the top 20 best site to sell clothes online India.


eBay is important as a very good online shopping website. Available Both in India and overseas.

You can register as a seller and sell clothing Online at eBay.

On eBay, your initial 100 listing is free for every month.

You can either sell it at the predetermined rate or at auction. You get a good commission.


First, register yourself as a seller on Amazon to Sell clothes on and then enter your company details.

You’re likely to sell your merchandise.

It is a small process, once the process is completed, You’re able to see your clothes record on Amazon.


Etsy Is Extremely Wonderful platform sells your clothes Online at lesser transaction fees of 3.5% and a 3% payment processing fee.

It’s used worldwide and chosen by many vendors across the world. Etsy is one of the best site to sell clothes online India.


Largest online clothing stores that take Children’s and women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.

You can even sell your used clothing for up to 80 percent


The Tradesy is Another popular brand and the best location to sell clothing online especially children and women’s clothing.

They have a very transparent online shop where You can list your clothes for sale. tradesy is one of the best site to sell clothes online India


This site lets you create an online shop to sell clothes according to your name branding.

You can record all of the clothing items of men and women wears on Crossroads.

Swap.Com was a Fantastic online platform to market your clothes on the internet Across a variety of internet platforms.

They will send you three prepaid boxes each month that you are able to fill with clothing to market.

On each available sale, you will receive payments within 30-60Days. is one of the best site to sell clothes online India


Olx is India’s one of the best sites to sell used items online. It is a free regional classifieds site for all the goods from automobiles to clothes. You can sell used clothes online in great shape here at a reasonable price.

This website gives you a platform to reach your local client to market your laundry. You can also buy designer clothes at an Inexpensive rate with this website


Elanic is a Superb place to market your clothes at a good price. It is quite simple to use and has a fantastic way to communicate with the purchaser. You can chat with them and repair the bidding at your own ailments. Elanic bill its commission about the price that you set available. elanic is one of the best site to sell clothes online India


Refashioner gives you a Platform to market goods from clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and other items of clothing. It is one of the best places to sell your designer clothes and get a reasonable price for that. You will find clothes from many models, businesswomen as well as many others on this website if you want to purchase any.

There are still more sites available to sell clothes online for cash. It is a great business acceptable for women particularly housewives that are searching for second revenue.

There is another best site to sell clothes online India that we have mesion below

Best Site to Sell Clothes Online India

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11. Pinterest Market Place

12. Zazzle Online Store

13. Storenvy Store

14. Depop

15. Rebag

16. Craigslist

17. Mercari

18. Instagram

19. Material World

20. The RealReal

How to sell clothes online on Amazon

Once you have done with the best site to sell clothes online India you will definitely look for how to sell clothes online on amazon.

So here we have given step by step detailed about how to sell clothes online on amazon.

Step 1: Register as a seller on Amazon

How to sell clothes online on amazon? In order to sell clothes on, you’ll have to first register as a seller. Then, enter your details like name, legal name and contact number and consideration will be created.

Step 2: Enter Your Organization details

To sell clothes On Amazon, you’ll need to fill your shop name and choose Clothing & Accessories category. Once this is completed, fill address Information and continue to Choose how you wish to ship your orders.

You Can read this simple guide to shipping choices out there for an Amazon seller to understand which option is the best for you. You’ll have to update your GST details and ask for approval.

To maintain the Standards of the products really large, Clothing and Accessories is a limited Class in Amazon. So, you Are required to request to get an auto-approval by filling a small form.

Step 3: List clothes on Amazon

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Now You Can record Garments on Amazon. Choose one of those four Methods to list on Amazon; match Your products into the present list, scan your goods to record, use’ Prepare your Listings’ attribute or custom stock template’ to record products in bulk.

Also, to help sellers sell the same Sorts of clothes in different sizes and Colors, Amazon lets you produce variants by grouping different types of The exact same dress on a single product page. You can read more about how to create product variations.

Now, If You Believe you are ready to sell different kinds of clothing around Amazon, begin Your journey today!

With the help of the above article, you will clear about how to sell clothes online in India where we have covered all the topics related to the best site to sell clothes online India

Such as, how to sell clothes online on amazon.

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