How To Start Elbex Courier Franchise | SkillsAndTech

How To Start Elbex Courier Franchise | SkillsAndTech

 Starting a business from scratch becomes difficult for every entrepreneur or individual who has just stepped into the business world. Existing brands and companies who plan to expand their business and take benefit of their brand name offer various schemes such as Franchise to individuals who are looking to start their own business. If we talk about the industry of logistics and postal services, there are many renowned brands that have set up their own market and base for succeeding in Business. One of the such emerging names is Elbex Courier Franchise.

About Elbex Courier Franchise

 Elbex Couriers Private Limited has its foundation that dates to the year 2010. The company started its operation in May 2010 and since then has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry of logistics and Couriers. One of its primary goal as a venture is to offer a model and operations which would cost and settle within the budgets of the common people. They aim to reach the title of one of the top leading companies in the industry of Logistics and Couriers.  

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By a rough estimate, Elbex Couriers Private Limited is in service for more than 100 + locations in India and is determined to reach the heights of more than 1000 + locations and provide their services to the customers. They are in tie-ups with various international service providers which help the company to provide better services, speedy deliveries, and cost-effective charges for the customers. Elbex Couriers are one of the few companies in the field of logistics and couriers that have taken advantage and adapted themselves to the latest technological benefits when it comes to couriers.

Types of Franchises Offered by Elbex Couriers in India 

 One of the upsides of acquiring Elbex Courier Franchise is that you have an option to choose from multiple types of Franchise schemes that are offered by them. The different types of Franchise are offered on the basis of scope, extent, and the ability of the Franchise unit to deliver couriers in a region. The various types of Franchises offered are mentioned as follows.

  • Unit Franchise

A Unit Franchise is one that works within the boundaries of an assigned region which can be a town, taluk, etc. The Unit Franchise owner will be answerable for the conveyances and pickups of his domain within the specified time period. The Unit Franchise will be controlled and observed by the Super Franchise that preferably works from the area headquarters. All types of daily transitions and dealings of a Unit Franchise would be from the Super Franchise, it is also liable to pay the transhipments charges to the same. 

  • Super Franchise  

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Next in line is Super Franchise, which has a wider scope than that of a Unit Franchise. The main aim of setting up a Super Franchise is to handle all the unit franchises and the dealings within a particular city. A Super Franchise is basically a hub for all the Unit Franchises that come under its city or assigned area. The Super Franchise would purchase all the necessary stationaries directly from the company and offer them to the Unit Franchise at the rate which is decided by the company. All the incoming and outgoing parcels or couriers within the city are the responsibility of the Super Franchise and comes directly under their purview.

  • Master Franchise 

Master Franchise goes above the rank of Super Franchise. The investment required for setting up a Master Franchise is huge as it controls a wide area, usually an entire district under its watch. It is the Master Franchise that is responsible for setting up of both, Unit Franchise as well as Super Franchise in a particular district or town. They are responsible for all the shipments and couriers that enter the particular district. They have complete rights to take important decisions related to the Marketing of the brand, Training, Operational Routes, and so on. Special training is provided by the company for Master Franchises. 

  • Regional Franchise  

The apex of all Franchises before the company is the Regional Franchise. Regional Franchise overlooks an entire region which generally covers a huge geographical area. All the Master Franchise, Super Franchise, and Unit Franchise come under the guidance of a Regional Franchise. They can take crucial decisions in a region on their own account and can overrule the decisions of the subordinate Franchises. Having a Regional Franchise gives you a huge share of profits and benefits, however, you are also required to pay the highest investment amount which is incurred in Regional Franchise. More details regarding the same are shared directly by the representatives of the company.

Investment Required for Acquiring Elbex Courier Franchise in India

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 As we discussed above the investment amount would vary as per the type of Franchise that you acquire. If you go for a Unit Franchise, the investment would be very low, however, if you plan for a Master Franchise or a Regional Franchise, the investment amount would be higher for you. The investment amount ranges from 3 Lakhs INR which is the Franchise fee for acquiring Master Franchise and the amount keeps on differing as per the type of Franchise you choose. The other option which Elbex Courier offers is Direct Channel Partner which costs around 6 Lakhs INR of investment and offers the business owner various perks for the same.

How to Apply for Elbex Courier Franchise in India

The simplest way to apply for Elbex Courier Franchise would be to visit their official website and fill the application form. If you are planning to acquire Master Franchise or a Super Franchise then it would be better to check out more details on the website regarding the same. You need to click on the ‘Business Opportunities’ tab which would be mentioned on the website, this would lead you to the application form, where you need to fill in the necessary details and the type of Franchise that you wish to acquire. The official website of Elbex Courier is as follows,

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