How to Start an Online Cupcake Business In India| SkillsAndTech

How to Start an Online Cupcake Business In India| SkillsAndTech

Online cupcake business is growing in popularity over the last few years. Many home entrepreneurs have started selling cupcake online, Later on, the successful ones have grown into retail bakeries and franchises.

To get success in business, your cupcake needs to be better than what an average person bake at their homes. Try your artistic skill sets, create a design that looks good, make sure that people see your talent, and convert your showpiece into a sale.

If you need, you can join some community classes or education organization providing cake decoration classes.

With a good plan prepared and hard work, just move on to selling your cupcakes online by starting an online cupcake business.

List of Well – Known Cupcake Shops in the Industry

Nahoum Sons and confectionary

This is the best cake shop that is located in Kolkata. The bakery started in 1902. The items made in the bakery are famous for their classic style of frosting.

The taste of the foods has not changed for ages. All food items taste delicious. The most well-known cake is black forest cake as it is gooey, dark and has lots of cherries.

Defence bakery

Defence bakery is located in New Delhi. Well known and the oldest cake shop in Delhi and was established in 1960.

Some of the popular items are cakes, desserts, breads, cookies, muffins, and pizza. They also make eggless and sugarless cakes.

Marwan’s Cakeshop

It is situated in Mumbai and produces various types of confectionaries like pastries, cakes, rolls and patties. The price is very low. All strata of society are able to afford their food products.

You can also try their chicken rolls and patties. Also, coconut ball is equally good.

Wenger’s Deli

Wenger’s Deli World famous cake shop in New Delhi. It is based on the format of taking away as you cannot sit and eat. The taste is awesome and the prices are pocket-friendly of each food item available.

People should try rich chocolate, blueberry blast, and cassata cake. Their shakes are also very delicious.

Kookie Jar

This Cookie Jar cake shop is located in Kolkata. The shop is mostly known for its lemon and chocolate tart also it’s butter sponge cake that is very soft. You cannot find this kind of softness in any other bakery. It has three branches in the city.

Glen’s bakehouse

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It is located in Bangalore. The shop is famous in all over South India. They are best known for cheesecakes. Also, cupcakes, choco almond fudge pie, red velvet mini cupcake, and tarts are fabulous having taste items.

Donut house

Do you love donuts? If yes, then this is the best bakery in Hyderabad. The donuts made by them are not available anywhere in the world. Some of them include chilli cheese donut, burger donut, and a sugar-coated donut. Their best donuts are chocolate donuts.

Old Madras Baking company

It is known for its bread. They produce all types of bread such as garlic bread, cinnamon bread, gingerbread, and banana bread. They also make mouth-watering Nutella brioche, Danish, and croissant.

Just put those in your mouth and it will melt. It is located in Chennai. They are famous as they did not use any chemicals, preservatives and fresh.


Theobroma is the shop of Mumbai but their food items are of the high price. Their cakes are great and tasty. You can try their New York Style baked pastry, red velvet cake, and dense cakes.

Kayani Bakery

Pune’s well-known bakery “Kayani bakery”. It is well-known for Mawa cake and many varieties of salted and sweet biscuits. The items should try of Kayani bakery are cheese papdi and mawa cake as they are very tasty. You can try Shrewsbury biscuits.

List of license to start online cupcake business

Get licenses and certifications. Before you sell even one online cupcake business, you must be certain that your business complies with all local health and safety regulations.

Similar to the QSR format, the bakery business also needs five licenses: FSSAI license, GST Registration, Local Municipal Corporation Health License, Police Eating House license, and the Fire License.

Out of all the permits, FSSAI, GST, and Local Municipal Corporation Health License are the most important ones to have at the starting of the outlet online cupcake business.

Business Registration:

Company registration is legal compliance that needs to be done by any business entity before starting the business.

Food License:

You can apply online, through its website ( Agencies also this work can be done that goes around Rs 5,000 for the complete paperwork and license fee.

The Food license should be of five years to avoid renewal fees every year. The fee for the five years FSSAI licenses is Rs 15,000.

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 GST Registration:

GST registration can be done with the help of a Charted Accountant.

 Health License:

You can get the Municipal Corporation’s health license fee with the help of a local Municipal Health inspector. This would cost you around Rs 3,000.

Fire License:

The fire license cost fee of Rs 1,000-2,000, after the installation of fire extinguisher cylinders.

How to Sell Cupcakes Online

Begin to sell online is a great way to get started with your online cupcake business, rather than opening a physical space right away. It’s a very good opportunity to build your skills and raise money gradually, baking in your own home.

Step 1)

The first step is to create a website for selling out your tasty cupcakes and post photographs of the choices you are offering, as well as prices and descriptions of each type of cupcake.

You’ll need to look into buying a domain name and building a website. There are numerous e-commerce online cupcake business sites you can use to set up your store if you don’t have the money or expertise to create a brand new website.

Step 2)

Apply for a merchant account through which you can accept electronic payments. You may also use this account to accept e-checks and checks by phone.

Step 3)

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Market your business through search engines, social media websites, newspapers, and fliers. You should necessarily attend networking events, distribute your business cards and brochures and ask customers to provide word-of-mouth referrals.

The online shop gives people an opportunity to interact with your cupcake business online and to place the order. So it’s better to tie up with an online platform provider that meets all the said facilities and features.

In case if you lack the expertise to carry out online marketing on your own then it’s better you hire the right marketing agency to do it for you.

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