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Are you interest in Auto Garage Business, here you will get complete guild for auto garage business plan which will help you to start the auto repair shop.

In today’s life, everyone has scooter and bike; they may break down in the middle of busy roads, the owner of the vehicle face the problem about where to get it repaired so you can offer them an automobile repair garage.

The auto repair shop is important because every individual need to have the car fixed; here in this article, we analyze the business requirement that will help you to acquire skills in auto repair.

Automotive Business Opportunities

Automobile industry having lots of business opportunities and auto repair garage one of them, as we know that the use of the automobile is increasing day by day there the auto repair garage business never goes extinction.

Every individual wants its car to be run smoothly and they are looking for good maintenance and servicing auto garage, people always use to go auto garage to check their vehicles, therefore, the auto garage business is one of the profitable business ideas.

 Auto Garage Business Plan

Every business need a proper business plan without a business plan you cannot run any business successfully, here we have mentioned some important factors which are essential while setting up an auto repair garage business plan.

Define Your Service And Staff

While starting your auto repair garage business you need to clarify with your service like how many customers you will serve and what services you are going to provide them, on the basis of service and customers you can decide your staff members.

Define Your Unique Point (E-Automobiles)

You can only offer a specialized service such as changing and repairing tires services if you are working in specific service in the automobile industry it will help you to gain trust by customers.

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You can also consider specializing niche field, like restoring cars, providing eco-friendly service, and now it is a trend of the eco-friendly vehicles you can start the auto repair garage for e-cars.

There is no such garage for the e-cars so you can start your own e-cars repair garage business, but before starting your e-garage business you need to take the training for repairing such e-automobiles.

Auto Repair Business License

While starting auto garage business you need to deal with some documentation and licenses, the differing licensing required for the auto garage business varies from state to state

Motor vehicle department of your state can provide you with an application to apply for a license.

List of Auto Repair Business License

1) Registration of Firm:

You may start the small to medium auto garage business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

If you are starting this business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.

For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

2) GST Registration:

apply for GST registration which will allow you to get GST number which is mandatory to run a business.

3) Trade License:

obtain a trade license from the local authority.

4) Pollution Certificate:

auto garage business may create the pollution; therefore, you need to get the pollution certificate from the pollution control department of your state.

5) MSME/SSI Registration:

if you are wishing to get the government subsidies and schemes regarding your business you need to apply for the MSME registration.

6) Trade Mark:

secure your brand with the simple registration for the trademark

4. Auto Repair Garage Business Location

Your auto repair garage business must be in the potential area, are minimum areas required for the auto repair business is around 1500 sq ft, look a location that is convenient to the highway or main road.

Having an auto repair garage in highway or main road will be much profitable because the auto repair garage is easily accessible by customers, and it will reduce the towing cost.

While selecting the area location make sure that the location area is having facilities like water facility, electricity facility, and drainage facility, also ensure that the location having enough space to park the automobiles.

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Register A Company

Additionally, you can build the waiting room for the customers.

Skills Needed To Be A Mechanic

If you are good at the automobile repairing then it is easy to handle the customers, you need to be good with the machine handling and finding out the problem in automobiles but if you are not able to repair automobile you need to take the certificate course for automobile repairing.

You can also hire the staffs who are expert in the auto repairing skills, ensure that the staff is using the proper safety gears and following the safety rules while repairing the automobile.

 Auto Mechanic Tools And Equipment List

Selecting the right equipment for auto repair garage business is a very important task, therefore while buying the equipment and tools for auto repair garage business make sure that you are only buying the equipment that needs to repair automobile don’t buy additional equipment at the primary stage.

List Of Tools Used In Automobile Workshop

  • Mechanic Tool
  • Diagnostic Machine
  • Lifting Machine
  • Air Compressor

Marketing Plan For Auto Repair Shop

The most important task in business is marketing and promotional strategy, you need to market your auto repair service using different promotional strategy, here we have mentioned some marketing strategy that will help you to promote your auto repair garage business.

Print the cache promoting material and distribute it in your local areas also place fires on your business location area.

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Attend the automobile events where you can promote your business using such platforms also leave promotional material to the automobile events it will help you to gain the client’s network.

Also, promote your business using the local media like newspaper and radio station they will help you to introduce your business to the new clients.

Apart from the traditional way of marketing you can sue the digital marketing to take your automobile business into the next level of the marketing, you can create the social media page where you can introduce your service.

Run ads campaign on the automobile repair service which helps you to reach to the right customers.

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