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Are you planning to start the CCTV Camera Installation Business, here in this article, we provide you, an exact business plan for the security camera installation service.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. Nowadays the crime rate is increasing; therefore, the installation of CCTV cameras has become more essential in domestic, commercial and industrial areas.

Generally, this type of serviced oriented business includes two main activities one is choosing the right product for the customers and then installs the product and give then the right service in a cost-efficient manner.

CCTV Business Opportunities

The demand for the CCTV cameras is increasing in all the sectors; security camera service industry in the fastest growing market worldwide with a CAGR of 19%.

By considering the increasing rate of crime people is wants to secure their family and their properties and they are looking for every option that fulfills their requirement about the securities, CCTV camera is now becoming an essential product in both government and public sectors.

The major consumers for the CCTV camera are educational industry, bank, traffic signal, healthcare premises, airport, shopping mall, office houses, bus stops, railway station, etc.

Starting CCTV camera installation business is a profitable business idea that you can start with the low investment, here in this article we gather all the information regarding the security camera system business that will help you to draw a business plan.

CCTV Camera Business Plan

While starting a business you need to draw a proper business plan for the security camera installation business, without a business plan you cannot run the business successfully.

Here we mention some point that you must have to consider while writing a business plan for the CCTV camera installation business.

1) CCTV Camera Market Research

While starting CCTV camera installation business you must have to conduct a market survey, collect the information about the industry and product demand in the specific region, you must have to research the market demand which will help you to draw a CCTV Camera Business Plan

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2) Select The Security Camera Niche

CCTV camera installation business is one of the divisions of the security camera industry while starting the security camera system business you must have to choose the right niche according to customer demand.

There are different niches are in security camera installation industry you can choose the right niche to start the business here we mention some of them.

  • Security Camera Installation
  • Security Cameras Sell And Repair
  • Security Camera Monitoring

Additionally, you can provide service of the Burglar alarm installation or Fire alarm installation

3) Security Camera Installation Business License

1) Registration of Firm:

You may start the small to medium CCTV Camera Installation Business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

If you are starting this business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.

For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

2) GST Registration:

GST number is mandatory to run business so you have to apply for GST registration.

3) Trade License:

obtain a trade license from the local authorities

4) MSME/SSI Registration:

MSME/SSI Registration will allow you to take the advantages of the government subsidies and facilities regarding your business.

5) Trade Mark:

secure your brand name with simple registering for the trademark.

4) Area Required For CCTV Camera Installation Business

Choosing a location for the business is a very important task, therefore, is alert while selecting the area for the business, the success of the business indirectly depends upon the area located.

While selecting the area location make sure that the transportation cost will be reduced and you can easily get clients in your area locality.

3. CCTV Camera Accessories

CCTV camera business demand for the supply of the important items, therefore while choosing the material supplier to make sure that it is reputed supplier who will provide your supplies in case of an emergency.

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Generally you need to buy the essential item that required for the security camera installation, also you will need to have the CCTV camera installation toolkit but initially don’t go for the bulk purchases, before placing order contact to every possible supplier.

You can build a network with the manufacturing company and distributors of the CCTV camera and its accessories.

4. CCTV Camera Installation Equipment

For installation of the CCTV cameras, there are several components and equipment that are required, not only security camera but many accessories are essential to the CCTV camera installation here we have mention all the required component and equipment.

List of CCTV Camera Installation Equipment


It is obvious you will require the camera for the installation, there are different types of cameras are available in the market you have to choose the camera according to the customers demand.

Digital Video Recorder:

DVR is recording whatever is captured by CCTV cameras and it will save in memory setup which can be viewed whenever required.

CCTV Cable:

CCTV cable used to connect the CCTV camera and DVR.

BNC Connector:

BNC connector connects the different cameras together with DVR.

CCTV Power Supply:

CCTV camera power suppliers provided constant power supply to the security camera system and it comes with the 24V AC and 12V DC and it also can be configured based on a number of cameras connected with the system.

Software Required:

You will need the software to run the CCTV cameras, on the basis of the camera type and number of a camera connected to the system you can choose the right software.

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Other Tools:

You will require different tools such as a fastener, electrical tools, displays.

5. CCTV Business Marketing Plan

The success of the business depends on the marketing skills, therefore Promoting business with right and effective marketing plan is a very important task in every business. You can choose the marketing strategy according to the business model.

Concentrate on the advertising of the business through business cards, newspaper; send emails to the targeted clients. Apart from the traditional marketing strategy, you can choose the online marketing strategy in which you can promote your business on a digital platform and it is easy and efficient to get the right customer from the digital marketing.

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