How to Start E-Waste Recycling Business in India| SkillsAndTech

How to Start E-Waste Recycling Business in India| SkillsAndTech

n Waste Stream E waste recycling business is the Largest growth having Business, with computer equipment accounting for almost 70% of it, followed by telecommunication equipment (12%), electrical equipment (7%) and medical equipment (6%).

E-waste represents an enormous environmental hazard. However, it also presents huge opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge.

According to a recent study by Assocham-Ckinetics, India is the fifth largest e-waste producer and its electronics-waste generation is expected to annually grow at 30% to touch 5.2 million metric tonnes (MT) per annum by 2020 as against the present level of 1.8 million metric tones. Hence you can see huge opportunities in e-waste recycling business

What Is E-Waste Recycling Business Plan

In beginning the Business, it’s very important to make a productive E Waste Recycling Business Plan. So far as surgery is concerned, you can break the general activity in many measures.

These are amassing the apparatus, processing the garbage and ultimately, getting the cash in exchange for those components.

In accordance with your investment potential, it’s very important to ascertain the operational regions of your e-waste recycling company.

If you do not need to accumulate the apparatus from the bulk population, then you’ve got to be contingent on the trash collectors. But, collecting the scrap in the consumers guarantees a much better margin together with brand consciousness.

An e-waste recycling business plan includes the investment into getting necessary permissions and licenses. You also have to see about to secure a space for operation with a dump yard.

The processing operation demands different equipment and tools. You have to hire skilled and professional manpower. And finally, you have to take care of the daily basic expenses related to the operation, marketing, etc.

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Steps for E-Waste Recycling business plan

  • Get the Licenses and Permits
  • Waste Recycling Process
  • E-Waste Business Set-Up
  • E-Waste Recycling Safety Measures
  • Electronics -Waste Types of equipment

What Is E-Waste Recycling Plant Cost

E-Waste Recycling Plant Cost to start e-waste recycling business

E-Waste Recycling Plant Cost:

₹ 700,000 – ₹ 800,000


1000 sq.ft – 1500 sq.ft (93 sq.m – 139 sq.m)

Operational expenses include:

  • Human resource cost
  • Cost of scrap
  • Utilization of electricity and water get includes in expenses
  • Logistics expenses
  • Marketing expenses
  • Spares and consumables
  • Contingency expenses

What Is E-waste Recycling Business Model

In starting the business, it is important to create an effective E-waste Recycling Business Model.

Two types of Operations:

1. Franchisee-based:

Waste management as a franchise unit which is of an already established e-waste management company

2. Self-owned:

Waste management by buying the waste from various sources

This Type of Franchise model is actually convenient for investors who are looking for a business opportunity with low investment threshold.

In this model, the franchisee unit could benefit from some of the parent company’s infrastructure. The entrepreneur bears the whole investment in Self-Owned Business operations.

It’s not possible to provide an economic analysis of the franchisee model as it depends on the terms of the agreement.

Under the self-owned model, a business unit capable of revenue generation to the tune of 6.0-7.5 million rupees per month (that is, processing of at least 500kg e-waste per day) are given below:

Licenses for E-waste Recycling Business

Starting an e-waste recycling and processing activity demands the different types of Licenses for E-waste Recycling Business from the Govt. authority.

However, the specific requirements may vary from state to state. Here we have compiled some of the basic necessities.

#1) First of all, apply for the Udyog Aadhaar MSME registration. You can apply this online.

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#2) After that, apply for the ‘consent to establish’ permission from the state Pollution Control Board.

For applying, you have to submit several documents.
  • Plan and Index of site
  • Topographical Map
  • Detailed plant layout including DG set capacity in KVA
  • Process Flowsheet
  • Plans and index of the site
  • Details of water
  • SSI Certificate or NOC we get from Directorate of Industries
  • Consent fees in form of DD in favor of the state PCB
  • Local Body NOC and stamp paper or CA certificate about proposed investments

#3) If you want to import the scrap, you will need to have permission from the environment ministry to import e-scrap.

#4) Additionally, you can obtain a detailed procedure from CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs).

How to start e-waste recycling business in India

If you are looking for How to start e-waste recycling business in India? here are 10 steps guide to start e-waste recycling business in India.

Step 1.

After you decide to start the e-waste recycling business, check the online marketplace. Check the established e-waste recycling company websites for getting the knowledge of their style of operation.

Step 2.

Create a brand name, a catchline, and a logo. These are all mandatory these days for operating a business successfully.

Step 3.

Register your business. Have the all necessary licenses and permissions.

Step 4.

Secure the space. Check the availability of commercial electricity and water. You must have a dumping yard. It is advisable to secure the space in an industrial area. Though it is not mandatory, it eliminates different social and political hazards.

Step 5.

Prepare the E-waste Recycling Business Model and create your company website. If you want to target the end consumers, then you can offer an instant quote facility for the devices. Additionally, you can offer free pickup facility and instant cash payment facility.

Step 6.

Determine the territory. It is very crucial when you collect the devices from the consumers. Because the distance is an important aspect of calculating the unit cost and

net profit. Additionally, your consumers must know in which specific city your service is available.

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Step 7.

Craft a marketing plan carefully. No business can be successful without an effective marketing plan. And in today’s digital world, you must concentrate on digital advertising.

Step 8.

Procure the essential equipment and tools for the operation.

Step 9.

Hire experienced and skilled manpower. Broadly, you have to hire employees for the processing, admin operation, pickup, and delivery facility and for marketing.

Step 10.

Finally, you must have the right software for leak-proof operation. E-waste recycling is a heavily detailed oriented business. Therefore, you must have an integrated system for better monitoring and control the business.

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