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Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is a Canadian packaged meats organization. The organization is settled in Mississauga, Ontario. It is a public organization whose shares exchange on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MFI). It was established in 1927. Maple Leaf Foods utilizes around 13,500 individuals and works together in Canada, the U.S. also in Asia. In 1996, Maple Leaf Bakery UK was set up in Rotherham as a claim to fame pastry kitchen auxiliary of Canada Bread which thus is 89.8% possessed by Maple Leaf Foods. It works from an aggregate of six locales in the UK and utilizes around 1,200 representatives. It claims the New York Bagel brand and right now makes more than 90% of the 200 million bagels provided to the UK retail and discount market.

Maple Leaf Foods offers a wide scope of leading brands for you and your family – with natural items you’ve known for quite a long time and new ones, similar to plant protein and meat raised without anti-microbials. Genuine elements for everyone, making delightful items with genuine, straightforward ingredients to feed Canadian families.

Maple food items are recommended by analysts.  They could ease conditions like metabolic disorder and liver illness, just as advantage mind wellbeing and help keep a sound gut. Likewise, maple tree items were found to contain upwards of 65 helpful antioxidants.

Job Opportunity

Mapel Leaf Foods gives a workplace that protects individuals, rewards greatness and enables everybody to learn and contribute their best. At Maple Leaf Foods they have a Leadership Edge, which is a guarantee to be pioneers by the way they draw in and foster individuals. They have a culture that supports individuals to flourish and arrive at their maximum capacity. They have an assumption that their representatives will stand firm, seek after greatness and make what’s to come. On the off chance that you are working with Maple Leaf Foods, you will have the opportunity to work with talented individuals. You will likewise get Feedback and training. There are a ton of Learning opportunities and Career opportunities.

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What Mapel Leaf Foods look in their representatives

Qualities based practices

Top notch work

Self-reflection and humility

Capacities and aptitude

Flexibility and adaptability

Take initiative

There is a solid pressure on feedback and initiative, and advancement is a common duty.


Feedback is the foundation of self-improvement. They give transparent and honest feedbacks so that their representatives know where they stand and where they are going in their careers.  During one-on-one gatherings with their directors, their workers examine execution and career objectives, set goals and make customized advancement intends to get more grounded in their present jobs or get ready for future jobs.


The most significant advancement comes from accomplishing intriguing work with skilled individuals. Mapel Leaf Foods is dynamic and innovative in looking for some kind of employment encounters that form or reinforce abilities and make fascinating profession ways.


They give assets that assist their representatives  by self-coordinated learning openings, joint effort and information sharing. They likewise give e-courses, learning labs, pamphlets, recordings, articles, online media gatherings and a variety of different resources and assets to convey information when and where individuals need to utilize it.


They have focused on preparing for the entirety of their representatives across all parts of the organization. Their preparation programs foster initiative capacity, individual viability and utilitarian ability. Instructional meetings are frequently introduced by Maple Leaf Foods pioneers, who are specialists in their spaces and know best the stuff to be fruitful at Maple Leaf Foods.


Casual training happens each day among chiefs and workers, across peer gatherings and between senior pioneers and colleagues.

Acknowledgment and Rewards

They enable their workers to compensate peers who make incredible commitments to Maple Leaf Foods. Their Bravo Bonus program, with a money grant, perceives individuals over time for living our Values. Their one of a kind Annual Values Awards programs, with a trip to an exotic location, perceives individuals who exhibit extraordinary practices in taking care of their responsibilities.

Profession Development Program for Graduates

The Leadership Track Graduate Program is Maple Leaf Foods’ initial authority advancement program for talented, driven and goal-oriented graduates. Members in this three-year rotational program will foster initiative and functional mastery in readiness to be a future Maple Leaf Foods pioneer. Following fruition of the program, effective members graduate into roles at Maple Leaf Foods, where they will keep on developing their professions.

Who can apply for their projects?

Students in their last year of undergraduate or post-graduate college concentrates with a base in general B normal.

Passion for manufacturing and activities

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Solid connection with Maple Leaf Foods’ Leadership Values

Adaptable and willing to move to make the most of the best chances across Canada and U.S.

Shown administration and leadership qualities through work, volunteer jobs, local area exercises and sports

High level of energy

Remarkable relational abilities to communicate

Team player, with the ability to build and maintain working relationships

Solid insightful and basic reasoning abilities

What You will get

Yearly execution audits alongside progressing training and productive feedback.  Huge emphasis is put on an improvement activity intend to guarantee workers acquire the abilities and encounters they need to accomplish their most extreme potential.

Senior-level mentorship for both business and useful skill.

Learning and systems administration openings through coordinated workshops and exercises

Significant hands on learning and concentrated administration and leadership training.

Competitive salary, advantages and annuity plan

Step by step instructions to apply

The Leadership Track Graduate Program position is posted on Maple Leaf Foods Careers site every September, with an application cutoff time of mid-October. They post at different post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Prepare an introductory letter, and framework in it the function you might want to apply for

Incorporate your introductory letter, resume and record (official or informal) with your application

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Co-op Opportunities

Maple Leaf Foods offers center freedoms across their different specialty units like Marketing, Information Solutions, Finance, Product Development, Food Safety and Quality Assurance.  Their  Co-operation Program is an incredible learning opportunity for enthusiastic and driven graduates who are hoping to acquire significant encounters and who want to enhance their abilities and want to explore different professional ways.

What they offer and What you will get

Being a co-op student implies settling on numerous significant choices. You will get

Openness to senior pioneers and inner and outer employees in the company.

Preparing and advancement through Maple Leaf Foods’ Leadership Learning Hub and through in-person learning workshops.

Freedom to take an interest in new items offerings.

Possible freedom to be important for the New Graduate Career Development Program after graduation.

Serious compensation upheld by adaptable work hours.

Innovation that permits you to work from any place, on any gadget.

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Co-op students are selected during three distinct times of the year (Fall, Winter and Summer).

Apply in:

May and June for fall positions

September and October for winter situations

January and February for summer situations

The most effective method to APPLY

Co-op positions across the different divisions of Maple Leaf Foods post the different jobs at colleges and the universities across Canada. Search for these jobs at your institution’s co-op office.

Maple Leaf Foods is a main Canadian protein organization that has a background marked by creating top ability through its longstanding community program, which has had co-op students from more than 50 assorted projects of study. The company see how significant a community position can be for a student’s proficient development, and they are continually dealing with giving students the best insight to speed up their career.

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