How To Start Tyre Puncture Repair Business, Cost, Profit | SkillsAndTech

How To Start Tyre Puncture Repair Business, Cost, Profit | SkillsAndTech

Learn how to Start Tyre Puncture Repair Business with very low capital.

All of us today use means to go out for any work somewhere, and if there is any kind of problem in these means like low air, puncture has happened, we go to the Tyre Puncture Repair puncture shop.Today we will know about the business of this type of shop, which means the business of tyre puncture repair shop and its all aspects.

What is tyre puncture ?

A hole in the tyre for some reason, due to which its air is released, and the instrument cannot be operated, is called tyre puncture.

Wherever we go, we use the means, and due to the impact of ballast, pebbles, or any sharp object in the tyre of these means, the hole in the tyre gets damaged, due to which all the air in the tyre gets out. and the instrument cannot be operated further.

What is tyre puncture repair ?

tyre puncture repair The process of repairing the damage caused by a hole in the tyre is called puncture repair, in which the puncture is corrected by putting a strip on the hole, so that the air does not come out in the tyre, and the instrument runs properly. Well, for this type of work, there is a puncture shop, where punctures of large to small car tyres are made, and due to the demand of this shop, tyre puncture repair shop business is a good option.

What are the necessary information before starting a tyre puncture repair shop business ?

  • Choose the right place for the tyre puncture repair shop, like a little before the market where maximum people come towards the shop.
  • It is important to have all the information related to puncture repair, because without knowledge no work can be done.
  • For the business of puncture shop, it is necessary for any person to learn this work for at least 6 months.
  • It is important to keep information about the price associated with the puncture in the market.
  • Knowledge of good quality of tools used in puncture and proper use should be done.
  • Must keep the information of the machine necessary for the puncture shop business.
  • It is also very important to have knowledge about the materials related to the shop, such as all the tools, puncture kits, electricity connections, generators and other necessary materials.

How to start Tyre puncture repair shop business ?

The right way to start is a tyre puncture repair shop.

which are as follows-

  • place selection
  • Getting a business or shop registration and license
  • set up shop
  • Buying Used Machines in a Puncture Shop
  • Selection and purchase of tools and materials required for puncture shop
  • business marketing
  • By puncturing the means of customers 
  • profit making

Selecting the place

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Choose the right place for the puncture repair shop, such as before the start of the market, and try to open the shop where the demand for the shop is high, so that you can get more and more customers, and earn profits.

To make registration and license of business and shop

It is necessary to register any business according to the law and rules.

Following are the necessary registration and license in tyre puncture repair shop business-

  • Udhyog registration(registration for legally valid for any business)
  • Registration of shop on the basis of ownership (registration of shop which is proof of ownership of the shop)
  • Commercial electricity connection registration (to reduce or save electricity bill from normal bill)

These are some important licenses and registrations, which any business should do to start.

Setting up the shop

Preparing the setup for the puncture repair shop, which includes a chamber to store the tools, complete electrical connections to operate the machines, sockets, tables, materials and space to store the puncture kits and tools, etc.

Buying a used machine in a puncture shop

After doing the setup, buy those machines, which are used to repair the puncture, so that the work is done quickly with least labor.

Machine used in puncture repair

  • Compressor Machine 1HP or 2HP (for filling air into tyres)
  • tyre Changing Machine (for changing tyres with less effort, and removing and fitting tyre tubes)
  • Vulcanizing Machine
  • Generator (for use when there is no electricity)

All these machines are used to make the puncture of the tyre.

Selection and purchase of tools and materials required for the puncture shop

Some necessary tools or kits are used to make the puncture.

The tools used in puncture are as follows-

  • Rubber cement or solution (for sticking the strip)
  • Insertion Tools (T shaped – one used to make a hole and the other to fix the puncture by trapping the strip and inserting it into the tyre)
  • Cutter (to cut the access strip)
  • Pilas (to hold)
  • Strip (for fixing the punctured hole)
  • Screwdriver (for inserting and opening the screw)
  • Wrench (for opening and closing nutbolts of different sizes)
  • Nutbolt (to fit parts)
  • gun

Similarly other materials are procured, so that the work of puncture can be done properly.

Business Marketing

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Marketing of any business is the basis of its success, so your business should reach the people both online and offline. 

Following are the marketing methods-

  • Marketing through social networking (by adding Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other sites)
  • make banners
  • Pamphlet
  • by business card

All these should contain the address, contact number, price of the shop of the business so that the customer can be attracted towards the shop.

Puncture the instrument of the customers

Puncture of incoming and outgoing vehicles, filling air in vehicles so that they can move on the road properly, all these works are done.

Making Profits

By making a puncture, the business person earns profit, and tries to increase his business.

How much does a tyre puncture repair shop business cost?

The business of tyre puncture repair shop is such a business, in which once the cost is made then profit is earned, the basis of cost is machines, setup, tools, electricity connection.


  • tyre Changing Machine – 70000
  • Compressor Machine 1 HP- 12000
  • Compressor Machine 2 HP- 4000
  • Vulcanizing tyre Machine- Close to 5500

       setup- 5000

Tools or kits

  • Puncture Kits – 300 to 500
  • Tools- The total cost can be around 5000 to all.

That is, the cost of a tyre puncture repair shop business can be around 1 lakh.

What is the profit in tyre repair business ?

In this business only one time profit is made by incurring cost, sometimes a tube or material has to be re-implanted.

The more punctures and air filled in this business every day, the more monthly profit is made.

Puncture cost of two wheelers – around Rs 50

The cost of puncture of four wheelers – around Rs 100

The cost of puncture of six wheelers – 200 rupees approx.

  • If the puncture of 6 vehicles is repaired in two wheelers – Rs 300 / day
  • If the puncture of 2 vehicles is repaired in 4 wheelers then – Rs 200 / day
  • If the puncture of 1 vehicle is repaired in a six wheeler then – Rs.100/day

Therefore, in this way, in the beginning, around 15000 to 18000 can be profitable.

wheel vehiclepuncture price
2 wheelerRs.45 to 50/tyre
4 wheelerRs.100 to Rs.125/tyre
6 wheelerAbout Rs.200 / tyre

In this way, by investing once in this business and earning good profits, your future can be taken in the right direction.

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Q: Is it necessary to take machines in the beginning, in the business of puncture repair shop?

No, it is not so, if you do not have to invest so much, then you can earn profit by doing the work of repairing the puncture of the tyre by yourself without machines, and later you can take the machine.

Q : What is the cost of making one tyre puncture of a two wheel tyre at present?

The cost of making one tyre puncture is around Rs 45 to 50.

Q: Which type of tyre is in more demand or use today?

Today only tubeless tyres are used more.

Q: Are tyres safe from puncture repair?

Yes, if the puncture is not too much, and the hole is not too big to damage the tyre, then puncture repair will save the tyre.

Q: Can punctures be made by myself?

Yes, puncture can be made with puncture kits if puncture information is available.

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