Jackfruit Business In India Cost, Profit, Business Plan, Requirements | SkillsAndTech

Jackfruit Business In India Cost, Profit, Business Plan, Requirements | SkillsAndTech

Are you willing to commence a jackfruit business in India? Do you want to gain insights on what are the value-added stuffs you can produce by using jackfruits? Through this write-up, you will come to know about 10 jackfruit processing business ideas.

Jackfruit is one of the well-known & largest tree fruits in the entire world. The scientific name of popular jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus. Furthermore, it belongs to the Moraceae family. Tropical nations are the major jackfruit-producing countries. Primarily, the northern, as well as southern regions of India produce jackfruits. Some of the significant jackfruits producing states in India are Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Gujarat.

Fruit is categorized under the most amazing economic products of jackfruits. Folks consume it during the phase of maturity as well as immaturity. Nevertheless, you can’t preserve the sweet pulp of the fruit for an extended time period due to its highly perishable quality.

Therefore, every year there a massive post-harvest loss takes place during the peak time. In the current scenario, various Govt research centers encompassing CFTRI are striving to standardize the production agreement of value-added products generated from jackfruits. All these products are as per the FSSAI standard. Thus, small-scale food business entrepreneurs can initiate a food processing unit or jackfruit business in India to accelerate the production of value-based products from jackfruits.

In general, the cost of this form of the project is not very high. You can initiate a unit in order to produce a single product. Nevertheless, a multi-processing unit gives a guarantee of better outcomes in terms of return.  

License, Registration and Permission needed to start a Jackfruit Business

Given below is the list of licenses required for initiating a Jackfruit business in

Registration of Firm:

You may start the small to medium Business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

If you are starting this Business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.

For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with
Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST Registration:

it is mandatory to get the GST number to run the business; you need to apply for the GST registration.

Trade License:

obtain trade license from local authorities

MSME/SSI Registration:

this MSME/SSI Registration will help you to get schemes and facility for the business offers by the state government

BIS certification:

BIS has mentioned the specific quality standard for Business. ISI specification for the

Trade Mark:

you can secure your brand with trademark registration

IEC code: 

IEC code is essential for the export of the product

Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI):

This business is categories under food processing business; therefore, you must have to take the FSSAI license.


state insurance which is an insurance scheme for workers.

ESI Registration:

Employees provident fund is compulsory for the business where more than 20 employees are working.

To comply with the above processes and registration, one might need any legal expert who would help in absolute legal compliance to meet industrial standards. 

Jackfruit Business in India: Investment Required

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You can proceed ahead with commencing the Jackfruit business in India with just one unit. It demands a minimum investment of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000. Even with low investment, you can mint huge profits.

Profit Margin

It’s possible for you to obtain a profit margin of 20-25% in a year, and in the future course of time, you will witness growth in your profit. It entirely depends upon the quality of your products.

Marketing Strategies concerning Jackfruit Business in India

You need to install a well-penetrated channel of distribution. Usually, several giant e-commerce companies & supermarkets are probable options for domestic selling. Ascertaining the marketing strategy for your jackfruit business in India is crucial.

Primarily, it is vital to ascertain the marketing strategy for your jackfruit business in India.

The marketing strategy must encompass three things-

  • To lure potential customers and ensure that they are familiar with the brand
  • To impart knowledge concerning the benefits associated with the consumption of
  • jackfruit
  • To proceed ahead for advertisements using advertisements in local magazines,
  • banners, as well as review by critics

Jackfruit- Jack of All Fruits 

  • The COVID-19 crisis has generated two spikes in consumer interest.
  • Coronavirus induced fear for chicken, and folks shifted to tender jackfruit.
  • In Kerala, lockdown created a roll in demand for seasoned green jackfruit and seeds because of a shortage of vegetables as a result of the border restraints.
  • Global concern in veganism was previously sailing pre-pandemic, buoyed by actions such as Meat Free Mondays as well as Veganuary, and with it the trade of “alternative meats”.
  • Matters pertaining to health as well as the environment — a 2019 UN report recommended that embracing more of a plant-based diet could assist alleviate climate variation — mean consumers are transforming to Impossible as well as Beyond Meat for plant-based replications of beef, chicken, as well as pork.
  • But they are also utilising substitutes long prevalent in Asia, such as soy-based tofu & tempeh, wheat derivative seitan, and jackfruit.
  • This roar has intended more and more jackfruit orchards have emerged in the coastal state.
  • You may get a hard bite in the same way as meat — that’s what is augmenting popularity, and like meat, it swallows the spices.”
  • People sell jackfruit flour which can be merged with or applied as an alternative to wheat, as well as rice flour to make everything from burger patties to local classics like idli.
  • When we did a nutritional examination, we discovered jackfruit as a meal is far better than rice & roti (bread) for a normal person who wants to repress his blood sugar.
  • As per the study by The Lancet, India has one of the most distinguished diabetes rates in the entire world and is anticipated to hit around 100 million cases by 2030.

List of Best Jackfruit Related Business Ideas 

Fruit Bar

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Usually, fruit bars are viewed as healthy snacks items that present a pleasing taste also. It is also recognised as fruit toffee. Thus, fruit bars have an extensive market all over the geographical boundaries of India. Moreover, you can make the fruit bar from jackfruits. Commercial manufacturing is an extremely lucrative business. As the raw materials, you will require starch, sugar, skimmed milk powder, colour, preservatives, hydrogenated fat, glucose, flavour, etc.

Canned Jackfruit

Besides the domestic market, canned jackfruits have high-grade export potential. As raw fruit is a perishable article, we can conserve it in sugar syrup for an extended span of time. You will be aiming to utilize the crunchy bulbs of the mature Jackfruit for canning purpose. Additionally, you will require raw materials such as Citric Acid, Sugar, and packing elements like Tin Can etc., in order to operate the unit in a systematic manner.

Jack Chips

Raw Jackfruit is the essential raw material for deep-fried jack chips. Firstly, cut the raw jackfruits into large pieces. After that, remove the bulbs as well as seeds by hand. Then, you need to cut the raw bulbs into proper lengthwise pieces. Eventually, fry these slices in coconut oil or processed vegetable oil. In addition to this, you may add salt to the frying parts to improve their taste as well as preservation.


Ice creams in diverse fruit flavour are gaining huge fame these days. In recent time, people who belong to different age group have started consuming ice creams not only in the summer season but throughout the year. Therefore, it’s definitely not a seasonal business. You can make ice cream with the help of jack pulp. Launching this type of unit requires a very small venture investment. From the identical unit utilizing the same machinery as well as equipment, you can also produce different types of items.

Jackfruit Nectar

“Nectar” generally refers to beverages created by dilution of fruit pastes or juices either with or without the inclusion of sweeteners. It is a healthy food piece even for children as well as seniors. In nectar processing, you will require to separate the bulbs from seasoned Jackfruit. And pass them via a pulping/fruit mill. Then mix them with about 10% hot water and pass via a pulper having a light bolt of 1 mm hole. Now you can utilize this pulp for making nectar.

Jackfruit Squash

In India, fruit squash is a modern product in making homemade cold drinks such as sharbat. You can detect a wide number of secured brands such as Druke, Ruhafza, Kissan, etc. You can make jackfruit squash from the juice & pulp. The manufacturing process is easily manageable. You will require to render excellent quality moisture as well as leak-proof packaging.

 Jack Seed Flour

The production of jackfruit seed flour is simple. Also, the technology is promptly ready for entrepreneurs. Due to its unusual carbohydrate content as well as other nutrients, they can be attached to baked products for value extension without touching the functional as well as sensory traits of the ultimate product.

Jackfruit Peda

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Peda is a standard Indian sweet, and it is also famous as khoa. Peda is harder, and also it has a granular texture in comparison with burfi. Usually, it comes as round. Formation of peda comprises blending and kneading khoa & sugar until a smooth and homogenous product formation takes place. Here you can combine jackfruit pulp to make jack peda. The manufacturing process is uncomplicated. And it doesn’t require a huge investment.


You will require to apply immature jackfruits for preparing pickles. Apply oil to a knife and uncover the Jackfruit. Uncover the skin. Cut the pared fruits into 12-18 mm thick parts. Make a 5% common salt solution by combining salt with water, 50 g salt/l. Put the slices in a vessel and cover with the brine extract. Drain the slices after 24 hours. Eventually, grind and blend with spice and vinegar and cook it to make the flavour.


For jam preparation, you will want to use thoroughly ripe jackfruits. You can make it by boiling fruit pulp with pectin, sugar, and acid. You need to invest a small startup capital for starting a small-scale jackfruit business in India. Basically, jam is an intermediate moisture food, and high sugar content increases its caloric value. Due to the sweet taste, folks of all age group consume jam frequently.

Jackfruit is an extremely fibrous fruit. Also, you can’t retain the ripe fruit fresh for a prolonged duration of time. So, you can’t stock them. Hence, you need to take considerable care in the time of procuring fresh jackfruits for preparing any type of value-added food products.

Jackfruit Mission: An Initiative to Promote Jackfruit Products via export and Encourage Jackfruit Business in India  

Jackfruit Mission was launched in Meghalaya in the year 2018 and is being implemented properly by the Directorate of Food Processing, Meghalaya Government.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K Sangma, said that the Government is persistently working on a number of interventions in order to promote value-added products related to jackfruit in the State and jackfruit business in India under its well-known flagship scheme – “Jackfruit Mission” and said it is likely to be a game-changer with the foreign market being the final target.

Under the programme, the Meghalaya Government is assisting the farmers’ involved in jackfruit plantation and is rendering training as well as other support to leverage their diverse activities by uniting them with business linkage. The mission will be a game-changer as the desire for jackfruit-based commodities in the international market is very high. Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma recently said that the government is presently working on a number of interventions in order to promote value-added jackfruit products in the State under its flagship scheme – “Jackfruit Mission” and said it is going to be a game-changer with the international market being the final destination.

Jackfruit Business in India: The Mission is on

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Commending the struggles of the entrepreneurs, the CM stated that the State Govt will furnish help to the nano entrepreneurs in order to take the mission ahead, thereby bringing the advantages of jackfruit to the folks. Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma also notified about the CM’s Support for Producers Group, wherein about Rs. 5000 each is given to individuals who collectively arrive together to develop a group.

“Under the scheme, each individual entrepreneurs or even farmers with a similar form of interest can join hands and avail the support to advance their entrepreneurial pursuits or practice it as a start-up fund to launch their the venture,” he said.

About Rs. 5 crores have been sanctioned to drive this project forward. Meghalaya Govt. is playing a proactive part to build market linkages with nearby nations such as Bangladesh, Arab countries, etc., to produce a value chain, job opportunity, etc.

All the entrepreneurs who belong to the soil of Meghalaya must know that Meghalaya

The government is helping a group to commence a packaging unit within the boundaries of the State, which will empower farmers as well as entrepreneurs to aid in branding as well as packaging their value-added food & fruit products.


Jackfruit business in India is a small-size food business of immense potential. The diverse use of jackfruit in different food items has enhanced its value. For small-scale food business enthusiasts, this business holds many promising factors. 

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