How to Start Plywood Making Business in India, Profit Cost | SkillsAndTech

How to Start Plywood Making Business in India, Profit Cost | SkillsAndTech

Nowadays, due to technology and increasing development, emphasis is being laid on making everything look better, whether it is home, office or any other place, wherever you do your work or live, good to make homes and offices look better. Good things and materials are being used, similarly plywood is a very good option to make the doors, windows, shelves, and other things made of wood look nice and attractive, which also increases its demand. It is increasing day by day, so today we will take information about plywood business, which will contain the following things 

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What is plywood ?

What is made by cutting wood into layers and pasting it on top of one is called plywood, plywood is used in homes, offices, and other places to make wooden doors and windows look attractive.

What is plywood business ?

Plywood Business In view of the increasing demand for plywood, when profit is earned by manufacturing and doing business of plywood, it is called plywood business.

Nowadays, along with the increasing lifestyle, efforts are being made to make everything better and look attractive, due to which the business of plywood used in homes is currently a good option to earn profits.

How plywood is made ?

There is a sequential method of making plywood, which is as follows-

  • Cut in the form of a layer of trees with the help of cutter and pillar.
  • Make cuttings and their cores or edges as per the requirement.
  • Pasting those layers one on top of the other with the help of glue.
  • Plywood Primer or Paint Coloring
  • polishing plywood

In this way, a plywood is made from a wood and a profit is earned by selling it in the market.

What is the necessary information for plywood business ?

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It is very important to have knowledge related to it before starting any business.

Similarly, the following is the essential information in plywood business-

  • One should keep information about the demand of plywood in the market, what kind of ply is in demand.
  • Must keep the correct information about the price of plywood in the market, so that it can attract the customers by the right price.
  • Which type of ply is more in demand, meaning keep information about the quality and quantity of ply.
  • Know about the whole process of making plywood.
  • Keeping information about which machine is for what work, keep information about its price as well, so that the cost can be calculated according to the size and budget of your business.
  • To have a good understanding of what the marketing strategy can be, so that it can attract customers.
  • Keeping information about the targeted customer, it is important to know who may need more ply, so that after finding the customers once and again, this work can be done easily with them.
  • Plywood must be identified.

How to start plywood making business ?

The process of starting plywood business is as follows-

Get market information

Any business should be started only with its information, so that the business can be successful and make a name in the market, for this, how much demand for plywood is in the market, how much quantity is being produced a day, how much quality is being produced in the market. This is the age of business, keep all this information in mind.

Choosing a place for business

While choosing the place, it should always be kept in mind that whatever we are doing business, how much demand is there in that area, whether it is happening within the reach of raw material or not, whether there is a means or not.

Try to have a place for business from where the supply of wood can be done easily.

The space should be approximately 1000 to 2000 square feet of the manufacturing business, so that there is no shortage of space in the setup of the machines and the setup of the business.

Getting a business license and registration

For any business to be legally valid in the market, it is necessary to have a license and registration.

Following are the necessary licenses and registrations in plywood business-

  • Registering Udhyog (legally required for any business)
  • Business Shop Registration Certificate (for proof of shop ownership)
  • NOC Registration (No Objection Certificate) by the State Pollution Control Board
  • BIS Certificate (ISI Marks) – For Brand Recognition
  • Trademark registration of business – to protect the business’s brand so that no one else can copy it)
  • Commercial electricity connection (for saving electricity)

All these certificates, licenses, registration are necessary for the business of plywood, from which the business gets recognition to do business legally.

Buying used machines in business

In the plywood business also, machines are required to prepare plywood.

This machine is as follows –

  • Peeler
  • Venner router 
  • Veneer cliper 
  • Gluing machine
  • Veneer splicer
  • Conveyer or roller
  • Venner drying machine
  • Pressing machine (to help press and paste plywood)
  • Drying press
  • Friends splinter
  • Plywood edge(core or corner) making machine
  • Sanding machine (scraper belt, drum)
  • Boiler with accessories
  • Polishing

All these machines are used in preparing plywood, so that plywood can be produced more and more easily.

Manpower generation

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To run any business, people are needed in it, and this work depends on the size of the business, generally 20 to 30 workers can be employed in plywood manufacturing business, which can be increased later as the business grows. could.

Buy raw material

Whatever business is done, it is very important to buy raw material, meaning it is very important to buy raw material, first you should start the business by buying in small quantity, when the business starts growing and giving profit then you can increase the quantity.

The raw materials are wooden logs, timber, glue, core, by which plywood is prepared.

Mmarketing the business

Marketing of business is the basis of success of business, that is why marketing is very important work.

Following are the ways of marketing the business-

  • Marketing the business through publicity
  • sales promotion
  • By adding to social websites.
  • Marketing by banner, pamphlet, business card

In all these marketing methods, address, contact number, work must be entered in all, so that more and more people and customers can be attracted.

Make a profit by making plywood

Plywood is prepared with the help of machines and the skill of the worker, which is supplied to wholesalers, big companies, factories, corporate sectors and earn profit.

In this way, doing business of making plywood through this whole process can give a better direction to your career.

What products are in demand in plywood business

In the plywood business, profit is made by making many products and selling them in the market.

This product is as follows-

  • Wooden plywood
  • Bamboo plywood
  • Veneer manufacturing
  • Medium density fiberboard manufacturing
  • Laminated structural wood members manufacturing
  • Fabricated structural wood members manufacturing
  • Oriented still board manufacturing
  • Plastic faced plywood manufacturing
  • Wood products manufacturing(with sheet and boards)
  • Ruff trustees manufacturing
  • Producing wood chips
  • Particleboard manufacturing

All these products have different demand in different places, so by selecting any product, you can do business looking at success in the market.

What are the names of top companies in plywood business

The names of the top companies of plywood business are as follows-

  • Garnet plywood
  • Sonear
  • Wigwam
  • Bhutan tuff(bringing home the nature)
  • Archidply
  • Merino blockboard
  • Kitply(kitply industry Ltd)
  • Duro ply(commercial plywood)
  • Greenply  plywood
  • Centuryply

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All these companies are companies under the top 10, which earn profits by manufacturing plywood.

How much does it cost to make plywood business ?

Plywood business can be started by putting a minimum of about 50000 to 1 lakh in making machinery, raw material and setup and license in plywood business.

To do this business on a large scale, it may cost around one lakh to 1 crore, through which you can take a loan.

How much profit is there in plywood making business ?

Plywood business rests on production and quality, in which there are chances of returns of minimum 15 to 40%, if we see the profit, then it can be in the initial phase for about 30000 to 40000 months, by which a person can come forward to move the business forward and improve his future. can make.

In this way, by doing plywood business, people interested in it can get a better option of business and career, through which they can plan for themselves and their future.


Q: How many types of plywood are there?

There are 4 types of plywood – general, veneer decorative, painting, decorative plywood are the main ones.

Q: Which plywood is better?

MDF plywood is the best, it is made from powdered wood fiber at very high temperature, the plate surface is flat and flat, and soft as well as good quality and capacity, which does not deteriorate quickly.

Q: What is the cost of commercial ply?

Commercial ply costs a minimum of 40/sq.ft and a maximum of 189/sq.ft.

Q: What is the cost of Fire Safe Ply?

The cost of Fire Safe Ply is 55/sq.ft min and 261/sq.ft max.

Q: What is the current price of wooden ply?

The price of wooden ply was around Rs 60, which has now increased from 80 to 90.

Q: Which tree has the strongest wood?

The strongest is the wood of the pine tree, which, being hard and strong, is mostly used in making strong furniture and gates, windows.

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