How to Start Furniture Making Business in India,Profit & Setup | SkillsAndTech

How to Start Furniture Making Business in India,Profit & Setup | SkillsAndTech

Today we are going to give you complete information about how to start furniture making business in our article, how you can start this business and earn a lot of money, it is said that if a person has any skill, then He can never stay hungry, but can earn a lot by starting his own business on the basis of his skills.

Today we have brought the business of making furniture based on similar skills for you. If you have a passion for making and designing furniture, then you can become a professional designer.

Many decorative furniture items like tables, chairs etc. are used in all homes, in such a situation, you can design such furniture items yourself and sell them at a good price. So today we are telling you “How to start a furniture making business”.

What is furniture ?

Furniture is a comfortable construction made of wood, making homes attractive, and incorporating our culture in itself, which is used in every home today.
“Design creates culture, cultural values ​​create, values ​​shape our future”.

Furniture is used to describe the many arts, composition, design, and utility present in it.

What is furniture making business ?

Furniture making business is the work of making profits by supplying, selling, preparing and selling furniture in the market. Be it any wedding, or any special festival, or the construction of a new office, school, building, furniture is needed first in its setup, due to which today due to the increasing demand of furniture business, people learn this work or keep workers. , are earning good profits by this work.

How to start furniture making business ?

There are some important steps to start the business of furniture making.

 which is the main-

  • The demand for furniture in the market, that is, which wooden furniture is in more demand, keep information about the price of different woods in the market.
  • Choose the right place in the furniture making business.
  • Get business license and registration.
  • Purchase and setup the necessary machines for the business.
  • Hire a worker to make furniture.
  • Buy raw material from wholesaler and market.
  • Marketing the business.
  • Get the furniture ready.
  • Sell ​​to customers and large corporate sector, contractors and construction sector.
  • Make a profit by supplying furniture.

In this way a person doing furniture business earns good profit through furniture.

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How much space is required in furniture making business ?

  • Making furniture requires an open and large space, where the machines, tools, tools, and other necessary materials used in making furniture can be easily placed or setup.
  • Do this furniture business in such a place where raw material for furniture can be easily available.
  • Of the means, good transport facilities should be available.
  • The place should be about 1200 to 1500 square fit, where there is no difficulty in making everything easily.
  • The place for business should be such a place, where there is a demand related to furniture, and profit can be earned.

What are the raw materials used for furniture making business?

In the business of furniture making, some essential raw material is used, which helps in making furniture.

This raw material is mainly the following-

  • wood
  • wood preservative
  • Adhesive
  • Primer
  • paint
  • glass
  • Sunmai
  • ply

In making any furniture, these are mainly all raw materials, by which the furniture is made attractive and comfortable, any furniture is prepared by cutting, pasting the part by adhesive, sanding, primer, painting, Due to which its shine and strength remains for years.

Which machines are used in furniture making business ?

In the furniture making business, machines are used to improve the quality of work and to produce more.

This machine is

  • Hand cutting machine
  • Wood planner
  • Wooden hack saw
  • Hand drill machine
  • Belt sander
  • Buffing machine

What can happen in furniture manufacturing ?

Furniture manufacturing can involve a variety of things. Every house needs a chair, table to sit. Not only this, most of the houses have double beds, single beds, wardrobes to keep clothes, shelves to keep things, some small items for decoration, windows, doors, toys, temples, hammock etc. Most of the people use it in their homes. The one who cannot spend much money also buys chairs and tables for the guests who come to his house to sit. Computers have also come in most of the homes, so people often make tables to keep computers.

In such a situation, a good opportunity is in front of you. If you think for yourself, then you will have or will come across many such things which are made from wood. You base your skill on all these things, because they make many. But make such that even if someone like you tries to make it, people can not make it and after liking your design, people only come to you to make furniture.

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How much manpower is required in furniture making business?

In the business of furniture making, the worker or manpower depends on the size of the business, less people or workers are required in small business and more workers are required in big business. In this business of furniture making, about 4 to 5 workers are required in the beginning and 10 to 12 manpower is required in big business, so that the work can be done on time.

What is the process of making furniture ?

The process of making furniture is done in a systematic way, not doing any step or process makes a difference in the quality of the furniture.

Furniture making process

  • Arranging wood according to customer’s demand.
  • Prepare wooden designs on paper as per the demand of the customers.
  • Cut wood with furniture making tools and equipment and prepare it by cutting the size of different parts of that furniture.
  • It is cleaned and polished by sanding of non mating (the surface which is not found, adhesive).
  • All the parts are fitted and pasted as per the requirement with the help of screw carpentry instrument.
  • Then sanding and defect checking is done again.
  • With the help of wood primer, wood is primed to protect it.
  • A second coat is done when one coat of primer is completely dry.
  • Finally the product or furniture is finished by painting.

How to Build Customers for Furniture ?

After starting the furniture business, you can easily make your customers. For this, first of all, you have to make such furniture, on seeing which the Custer will be attracted towards your furniture. That is to say that you do the work with fineness and cleanliness which attracts the customer towards it.

After this, you can make a variety of small decorative items and sell them on the online store. There will also be one person out of a hundred who will buy it at your requested rate. After this, you can take orders for shops and houses to do furniture work to make customers.

You can take orders related to decoration for a house, in which you can make furniture shelves, some decorative items etc. Along with this, you bring unique to unique design of your furniture in the eyes of more and more customers.

What is the profit in furniture making business ?

You can earn money like water in furniture making business. Because in this your workmanship can get you double or triple the profit from the cost. If it is costing you 1500 to make a table, then you can easily sell it for 3500 to four thousand.

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Apart from this, if you ever take an order for furniture in a house, then you can earn a huge profit in it. That is to say, even if you make and sell thirty tables of the month, you can easily earn fifty thousand rupees from forty, although the profit on other things can be more.


Q: What is a person who makes wooden furniture called?

Those who make wooden furniture are called carpenters.

Q: Why do we use primer in wooden furniture?

Primers are used in wooden furniture to protect the wood from termites and wood insects, so that the wood can be protected.

Q: Into how many parts can wooden furniture be divided?

Wood furniture can be divided into 4 parts-

  • household furniture
  • Corporate Furniture
  • hotel furniture
  • other parts of furniture

All these come under them.

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