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How To Start Baskin Robbins Franchise In India Cost, Fee, Model, Investment, Contact number, Requirements, Eligibility, Profit | SkillsAndTech

Do you want to start Baskin Robbins Franchise then you are at right place, In this article, we look at the investment and eligibility for starting a Baskin Robbins Franchise business in details below.

Baskin Robbins Business were Began at year 1946, Baskin Robbins started Franchising, Since 1950 at Headquarters Canton, Massachusetts and now they are having Estimated Number of Units 8,040.

Baskin Robbins Franchise in India started from 1993. Baskin Robbins Ice creams are manufactured at BR own plant in Pune under licence from Baskin Robbins International.

A product of Gravis Foods Pvt. Ltd., Basking Robins is not only an India based Company but is spread across all SAARC regions countries.

The first branch of Baskin Robins was started in Mumbai in 1993. It has strongly formed a network out across India with 500+ outlets and around 5600 retail outlets across the globe.

Ice creams are all-time favorites for people across all age groups. Irrespective of the occasion, serving ice creams have become a trend in all parties.

As one of the leading brands for thick service ice cream in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, Baskin Robbins delivers unique flavors of ice cream in fun atmosphere to guest and the globes.

Today, BR continues to seek an exceptional candidate to bring more flavours, more fun, to new markets. If an entrepreneur has a view to share this passion for products and guests, it is time to join the Baskin Robbins Franchise and bring the fun and unique flowers to the favorite corner of the globe.

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Baskin Robbins Franchise Opportunity

If you are looking to initiate your entrepreneurial dreams on a strong foundation having your own Baskin Robbins franchise is the answer for you.

Baskin Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty stores with over 7,000 retail stores around the globe.

In India, Baskin Robbins is the most expanded Ice cream retail chain in the country with over 725 + stores. When you initiate to build your own Baskin Robbins outlet, you can count on a number of special ingredients that have made us what we are today.

Their premium products are backed every step of the way with our knowledge and experience in operations, marketing, training, product development, and ice cream!

This way, going in for a Baskin Robins Franchise is absolutely a prudent business deal that fetches tremendous profits within a short span of time.

The fact that Baskin Robins has won the many battles with other Ice cream brands giving all of them stiff competition proves that becoming a Baskin Robins Franchise is a highly profitable deal.

For all those who want to invest a reasonable and convenient amount of invest in a small business, becoming a Baskin Robins Franchise is a good choice.

Why Baskin Robbins Franchise?

The Indian ice cream industry is one of the rapidly growing segments of the dairy and food processing.

The ice cream industries in India created revenue of more than USD 1.5 billion in 2016 and is projected to produce revenue of approximately USD 3.4 billion by 2021.

  • Largest International ice cream franchise in India
  • Low investment with high returns
  • Extraordinary training programs
  • Store opening and supply chain support.

Baskin Robbins Investment

There are 3 kinds of Baskin Robbins Franchise opportunities that Baskin Robins offer for people interested in an association with them.

Details pertaining to becoming a Baskin Robins Franchise are given below.

  1. Baskin Robbins Kiosk
  2. Baskin Robbins Parlour
  3. Baskin Robbins Lounge

Return on investments on any model of Baskin Robins Franchisee is dependent on various factors like location and demand for its products etc.

A minimum of 3 years is the probable span to expect return on investment for Kiosk and Parlour Franchise and anywhere between 2 to 2.5 years for the Ice cream Franchise.

Baskin Robbins Cost

Below Franchise Fee (Includes store opening, marketing, project, consultancy and training fees)

Baskin Robbins Kiosk

Baskin Robbins Kiosk Investment: Rs.11 lakh

Baskin Robbins Kiosk Franchise Fee = Rs.5,00,000

Equipment and Furniture = Rs.2,74,000.

Baskin Robbins Parlour

Baskin Robbins Parlour Investment: Rs.13lakh

Baskin Robbins Parlour Franchise Fee: Rs.4,00,000

Equipment and Furniture: Rs.3,20,000 + Rs.40,000

Baskin Robbins Lounge

Baskin Robbins Lounge Investment: Rs.18lakh

Baskin Robbins Lounge Franchise Fee: Rs.4,00,000

Equipment and Furniture: Rs.5,01,379 + Rs.1,50,000

Baskin Robbins Term of Agreement and Renewal

The length of the franchise term is typically 20 years

(Except Baskin-Robbins APOD/Expresswhich is typically 5 or 10 years).

There is a conditional renewal for an additional term of 20 years if, and only if, all requirements are met.

Baskin Robbins Area Required

Baskin Robbins Kiosk

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It can be established in a premise, the square feet of which merely need to be in the rage of 150 square feet and frontage needs to be in the range of more than 10 feet.

Baskin Robbins Parlour

It can be established in a premise with square feet of 250 square feet and frontage of more than 12 feet.

Baskin Robbins Lounge

Baskin Robbins Lounge can be situated in an area of 500 square feet with the frontage of 15 feet.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Requirement

  • A passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur
  • Sufficient capitalization and financial ability to develop a network of multiple stores over a period
  • Enthusiasm and commitment towards the business
  • A long period strategic vision for expanding the Baskin Robbins brand
  • Economic Credibility
  • The person should be financially sound and willing to dedicate quality time to brand
  • A food industry background will be an added advantage and beneficial

Baskin Robbins Training

The initial training program takes a total of 15 days (not including online training).

The training program consists of 5 days of Foundations Training conducted in the Dunkin Brands University (DBU) in Braintree, MA and a 5 day Dessert Operations training program conducted at the Dunkin Brands University (DBU) in Braintree, MA.

The franchisor also requires a total of 5 days of Restaurant operations training in a designated training Restaurant consisting of instructor demonstrations on how to store, merchandise, serve and package products sold in a Restaurant, followed by student practice serving guests.

Sr. NoTraining Program NameNumber of Day
1Foundations Training5 day
2Dessert Operations training program5 day
3Restaurant operations training5 day
Total 15 day

Some required classes are only offered on the Internet and are referred to as online training. These classes will require approximately 16 hours completing. This is in addition to the classes listed above.

In addition, for franchisees’ first Restaurant, the franchisor may require them to participate for two days in the opening of another Restaurant.

Franchisees must attend and require their employees to attend further training as the franchisor may from time to time require.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Training and Support

Business Development

Site selection, negotiations on behalf of the entrepreneur, consultation with malls, other channels of business for franchisee


Store design, store construction, coordinating with contractors and architects, monitoring of work in progress, store completion certificate

Operational Support

Professionally trained operation team to guide franchisee in their business, troubleshooting for a rapid growth of the franchisee’s business

IT support

Hardware, software support, software operations training, sales analysis, promotional analysis


Pan India, professional cold supply chain, availability of stocks

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Baskin Robbins Contact number

To apply for franchise of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream you can apply online by filling a form available at that is official site of Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins Head Office address

Gravis Foods Pvt. Ltd

Strand Cinema Building,

C.S. No. 506 of Colaba Division,

Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba,

Mumbai – 400005

Baskin Robbins contact no: 022-6251-3131

North Zone

Mr. Pradeep Kapahi

Mobile Number: 9650777882

Mail Id:

East Zone

Mr. Chitra Agarwal

Mobile Number: 9874066822

Mail Id:

West Zone

Mr. Rajesh Mahades

Mobile Number: 9930251068

Mail Id:

South Zone

Mr.Manoj Pathak

Mobile Number: 8861884481

Mail id:

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How To Start Baskin Robbins Franchise In India Cost, Fee, Model, Investment, Contact number, Requirements, Eligibility, Profit | SkillsAndTech

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