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The candle making business (7 steps to start a small production candle business) is a profitable small production concept. Candles have been used as light sources for more than 5,000 years. Decoration products for home and hotel. Candles are a symbol of celebration and romance; calming the senses, rituals, joy and decorative elements.

In addition to the old-fashioned cylindrical white candles that we usually use to illuminate the room, elegant and decorative candles also have a very potential market.

We all know that the basic ingredients for making candles are made of wax, but an interesting fact about candle making is that the first candle was made by the ancient Egyptians by soaking a compressed tube core with melted animal fat.

Before following the footsteps of the available capital “candle making business”, let us introduce you to the basic components and items needed to make candles. The composition includes wax, saturated fatty acid (saturated fatty acid), high gloss, and dye for molding. Sailing, production machinery and packaging or packaging machinery.

Commercial Potential of Candles

Candle making is an easier business for beginners, for the following reasons:

There is a good year-round demand for candles in the market.

The start-up cost of starting a business has been significantly reduced. Started the self-made candle business because it does not require any machine installation or labor

The raw materials needed for this business are easily available through the local market or from the online world.

The demand for scented and decorative candles for decorative purposes is increasing day by day. Many homes, restaurants and parties use this kind of candles to illuminate the interior.

People cannot buy candles just for decoration, because it has a good effect on yoga and meditation.

In view of the market demand for decorative candles and traditional candles, you can easily sell your candles in the local market, and you can use the online platform to develop your candle business.

Candle making business plan

Candle business license

If you plan to start a family business:

The business does not require any special installation or repair shops. Therefore, if you plan to start this business at home, a protective license is sufficient to start the business.

If you plan to make a candle business:

Then you must first register your business

Then apply for business cards and business licenses to your municipal government for business loans

Trademark protection to protect your brand

Finally, you apply for a VAT registration

Raw materials

We know that wax is the main material for making candles, but in the past few centuries, different types of waxes have been used in candle making. Materials such as wax and stearic acid are melted at high temperatures to melt and fill with dyes. Specially used candle wick (woven cotton for lighting candles) to make candle

Raw material list

  • Paraffin wax: white standard wax made from petroleum or oil shale stearic acid: saturated fatty acid
    wick: cotton woven
  • Commercial candle quantity 60% paraffin And 40% stearic acid. In some cases, in order to control the softening or melting temperature of the wax, a certain amount of candelilla or carnauba wax (carnauba wax)is used to make candles.
  • Paraffin wax: ordinary white wax made from petroleum or oil shale
  • Beeswax: natural wax made by honeybees
  • Carnauba wax: wax made from palm leaves, also known as carnauba wax and carnauba wax
  • Cranberry Wax: This wax is extracted from fruits for decorative candles of various colors and flavors. It is used together with wax and paraffin and decorated with dyes to give it a charming appearance and shape.

Space (location) required for candle making

You can open a candle making company at home or in a remote location

No special installation area is required

Equipment required for candle business

There are several different types of candle making machines. When your business is challenging, please choose one. Choosing the wrong machine will affect your business.

candle machines are basically divided into three types:

manual candle machines, semi-automatic candle machines and fully automatic candle machines; classified according to utilization, product quality, production capacity and machine cost.

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Manual candle machine

There are various types of convenient machines on the market according to production needs; you must choose it to produce it.

In manual machines, you need to pour raw materials into the machine, then pour candles and make them.

The individually manufactured candles are then taken out manually, and the manual machine has a productivity of 300 to 1800 pieces per hour.

Semi-automatic candle making machine Compared with manual candle making machine, the technology is improved, with higher precision and higher efficiency.

Therefore, the specification of this treatment makes it easier and more accurate.

The instant cooling of the machine comes from the water supply

Automatic candle making machine

The automatic candle making machine is made of high-quality materials and has advantages compared to the other two machine types.

The productivity is also very high, about 240 pieces per minute

In addition, it has adjustable water cooling The flow rate of the liquid is. In addition, the machine has an additional slot for making designer candles, where you can use another shape to make candles of different shapes.

Who is selling

candles is a kind of handicraft, now selling handicrafts is not difficult, because people are very interested in buying attractive home and hotel decoration handicrafts, even in the office 

used to sell online in

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This is the digital age. In order for you to sell candles online, the online market can be a great market for your candle making business. An easier way to sell candles is to submit some photos and candle descriptions.

One of the top methods suggested on the Internet is to create your own online business website or pay for an adapted blessing website. You can also create your own website to sell candles.


Boutique is another good way to reduce the value of candles and is most suitable for high quality targeted advertising. It is very important to be familiar with your candle professionally and lively.

Gifts and Crafts Shop

If you are a typical social butterfly and can deal with various entrepreneurs, then you will easily make your candles the object of fame and blessing for the entire city.

Frequent promises to provide your products at the same transaction level as bank transfers. Please remember that the fee you pay to the shopkeeper is the cost of cooperation. In the long run, in some congested areas, the entire city is preparing for the peak period. This is an unusual presentation, well worth looking for. Customize each fixture label with an impressive floor plan, your phone number and URL. It is a tool to spread informality, it can bring huge benefits, and not too far.

Farmer’s Market

Pop-up Characteristic Farmer’s Market-Any place where you can set the table and stroll through the shops is grateful.Providing candles in such a scene is impeccable because people can see, feel and notice your subject. This creates an ideal shopping environment, namely bank cash. The cost of self-service terminals varies from environment to environment. The most expensive trends are insect markets and agricultural products markets. The higher the level, the more expensive the conversion space. One of the disadvantages is that you will need basic supplies and possibly some signals before starting.

Local Store

The local store is a valuable start in the wholesale world. Learn more about the owner and their offers, share your image and products and keep in touch. Try not to limit yourself to the nearest channels, because creators will name rich target companies in different states.


Candle business is a business with high return on investment. The demand for candles in the market is good throughout the year. So if you have any questions about this business, please let us know. We will definitely answer your questions.

How To Start Candel Making Buisness | SkillsAndTech

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