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The production of ice cream cones is in high demand in India and overseas. Ice cream can be poured into cups, some are equipped with sticks, but the favorite is to pour ice cream into ice cream cones.

Looking for detailed ice cream? Brioche making business, this is a guide on how to start an ice cream cone business with a small investment.

Anyone can carry out this business individually or as a group; ice cream cones come in different flavors, shapes and colors

Ice cream cones are easy to clean and don’t need to be thrown away because the demand for ice cream is growing; the demand for ice cream cones Constantly growing

Making ice cream cones is very simple; some easy-to-use machines are used to make ice cream cones.

The potential of the ice cream cone business

Ice cream is very popular as a dessert, and its consumption is increasing year by year; for various reasons, young people prefer ice cream in cones to ice cream in cups. Question, but of course no. Don’t use a spoon to taste in the bag, they are eaten with ice cubes

Ice creams with sticks or cups usually contain flavors chosen by the manufacturer, customers have no choice; but if it’s ice cream cones, you can tell them to add flavors of your choice, you can add any flavor you want to try The fresh taste of ice cream cone gives you an exotic feeling, you will never squeeze a word; you missed a cup of ice cream

Therefore, for small business owners, starting an ice cream cone business is worthwhile.

Ice Cream Cone Shop License

To start an ice cream cone business, you need to go through some registration and licensing procedures.

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The space required for the shop

The location of the company depends entirely on the business model.

You can start making ice cream at home, you only need enough space to install equipment and storage facilities to store raw materials, because it is a good product after production

If you are considering running a family business, you must meet the requirements set by the government. There are some government restrictions. For example, the factory cannot make other food, and it is not allowed to bring pets
home. Square production saves.

 If you are looking for production For commercial space, please ensure that there are facilities such as water, sewer and electricity, and handle all land-related documents with the help of the owner.

Raw materials for making ice cream cones

The main and main raw materials for ice cream cones are wheat flour, tapioca flour and corn flour.

In addition, it is necessary to process colors, flavors, sugar, salt, baking powder, flavors, chocolate and other ice cream cones. More delicious ingredients 
sugar is usually used to improve the quality of baking, starch and of course sweetness. It also makes it brown and crispy.

Wheat flour is an important raw material for making ice cream cones; corn flour is another mixed form with wheat flour An important raw material for homogeneous mixtures.

Tropica flour is mainly used in South America and Southeast Asia. Tropical climate; tropical flour is used to make a uniform mixture

Dyes, flavors and other wet ingredients are all mixed with water and flour. The auxiliary powder is a dry ingredient, but at the end it is mixed with water to avoid moisture contact. The dye is made from natural food. …

It is necessary to purchase packaging materials that are important to hygiene. After the ice cream cone is made, it must be moisture-proof, and the packaging bag can be used as advertising material.

Cone ice cream shop equipment list

Cone ice cream machine is an important part of production, so we must choose the right machine for production, and choose the equipment suitable for production, in order to do the best job

Automatic ice cream cone machine:

There are different machines to choose from according to the production capacity, so you need to choose according to the required capacity and capital investment.

An ice cream cone machine that produces 150 to 180 ice cream cones per minute is worthwhile. They are about 1.50 to 2.00 Lacquer

This machine provides you with a well-processed bag. With the automatic bag machine you can get different shapes and patterns, bag mixers, bag holders and dispensers

Ice cream cone mixing Maker:

After selecting the raw materials, you must mix them thoroughly to prepare a homogeneous dish. You need a mixer to make your work easier.

Each mixture is fast and easy to use

Conical holder and dispenser The cone bracket can help you deal with goals easily and supportively.

Ice cream cone making process:

Step 1 Make the mixture

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First, you need to use an ice cream mixer to mix the corn and wheat flour with water

Add the required amount of coloring and flavor to taste

Step 2 Put the mixture into the ice cream cone

Put Corn flour and wheat flour are stored in the ice cream cone machine

This machine uses the baking method to make bags

Step 3 Assemble the bag

The bag with the production bag needs to be taken out of the machine when baking

Use the cone holder and dispenser , You can hold the cone and let it cool for a few minutes, then you can prepare packaging

Step 4 After packaging

The cone manufacturing process is complete, you need to pack the cone for sale

You can put 50 to 100 The cone is packed in a plastic bag.

Packaging is very important to protect the product from atmospheric influences. From a hygienic point of view, protection from changes

This process requires a packaging machine; we can use attractive packaging materials and can also be used as promotional materials.

To whom you sell ice cream cones

No customers, no matter how big and delicious your ice cream cones are, customers are important in any store

You can promote your business in old-fashioned and modern ways, participate in some local events, Or at least go to a party or event where you can promote products. You can provide people with free samples of products and ask for their opinions.

Leave promotional materials at parties and events. You can go to sellers across the country to sell. You can choose to Promote your business digitally and create your own website where you can sell and promote your branded products. You can also link them to another hosting site that showcases your products to buyers.

Use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to connect with customers

You can also try the product, distribute to local wholesalers and provide them with some emas skis to buy your product

In addition, create a contact seller to help you sell Your product, or at least they can introduce your foldable product to buyers, which will help build a customer base.

How To Start Ice Cream Cone Business | SkillsAndTech

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