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Manufacturing company Agarbatti as a manufacturing company in India has huge market potential because the demand for it has always been high and will increase during the holiday season.

Burning in religious or social events and festivals agarbatti is very popular in India as a fragrance with insecticidal and antiseptic properties. Seasoning powder or seasoning paste made with natural ingredients (such as flowers or artificial chemicals).

Incense sticks are generally 8 to 12 sticks. The burning time of an incense stick varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the quality and size.

Agarbatti’s business details

The following are Agarbatti’s business details; Incense Stick Company or Agarbatti is a small, lucrative Indian company that can start with very little investment. The process of making agarbutti is very simple and can be done by machine.

If you don’t need to buy a machine, you can choose a hand-made agarbutti making machine, but the machine can make high-quality agarbutti more easily in a short time. The best way to start making agarbutti and how to benefit from a very simple business. The following is an example of a business plan, you can follow it to start your own manufacturing unit.

Agarbatti Business Plan / Incense Stick Manufacturing

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Agarbatti Business

Agarbatti Business is a profitable manufacturing company. With very little equipment and machinery, you can even start agarbutti business at home.

This is a traditional product that is indispensable to every family and every church.

Agarbatti’s business is one of India’s traditional industries.

Agarbutti’s business volume depends on individual production and the capacity of the agarbutti factory. The market demand for agarbutti has been high and steadily growing during the festival.

India is now exporting incense stick ideas to other Asian countries such as China and Japan. In 2017 and 2018, India exported more than 500 rupees of incense sticks to other countries, and more than 90 foreign countries used Agarbutti. Therefore, foreign demand made this kind of incense sticks a business. Technology is involved in production, so the initial investment in making agarbatti is very small. In return, you can easily get 500-600 rupees (25-30 rupees per kilogram of product) from the production of each machine.

The initial goods and service tax rate is 12% , But the savings have been reduced to 5%.


Business License Agarbatti

Business License If you want to know how to obtain an Agarbatti business license, please don’t worry here. We have listed all the Agarbatti business licenses required to conduct Agarbatti business in each state, so we recommend that you read the state rules regarding Agarbatti business licenses.

Business Registration

The first step to start your low capital business is to register your business as a business owner or in the Republic of China.

GST registration

All business owners must obtain a GST number to obtain good service. GST rules are mandatory.
EPF registration-this registration is only required if your company has more than 20 employees or a production unit.
ESI registration-If you have more than 10 employees, official insurance is required.
Business License-You must apply for a business license.

SSI Registry:

There is no need to register with the SSI Registry because this is a branch of SSI.

Pollution Certificate:

National Pollution Control Bureau’s inspection of their industry enables them to start a business.
Factory License: Large-scale commercial production units must have a factory license and NOC.

Raw materials for making Agarbutti

Raw materials for making incense sticks are available in the Indian market at very low prices. You only need to find or visit agarbutti production facilities or raw material suppliers. The quantity of materials depends on the production needs. The main material of

incense sticks is bamboo. It is also easily available in the Indian market. It costs about 120 rupees per kilo from China and Vietnam. You can also use the embroidery machine to make your own sticks.

List of raw materials needed to make incense sticks:

Natural and chemical fragrances (oils)-used to give agarbatti fragrance

Bamboo sticks: 8 to 12 inch bamboo sticks are needed

Raw bamboo sticks: If you need to buy raw materials for yourself Bamboo skewers you need to buy raw bamboo skewers as the raw material for making bamboo skewers

Packaging material: The packaging material must be sealed How to block the smell

Other toners: Add another color to the incense stick to attract people

Charcoal powder

Base paper

Gelatin paper

Chewing gum powder (sticky powder)

jikit powder

nargis powder

Sandalwood oil


The other step is to add perfume. The other step of perfume is to add perfume. The industry sells perfume-free raw agarbatti to the perfume-adding industry. You can add perfume yourself, you just need to research a new perfume through market research.

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Areas (locations) required to conduct Agarbatti business

You can conduct Agarbatti business at home or anywhere that does not require installation of a specific area, but make sure that there are raw materials suppliers nearby. Your workplace

The location of the area depends on where you are. The number of cars installed in the area.

Agarbatti manufacturing department raw material supplier department bamboo stick supplier department (if you make bamboo sticks yourself, this department will be cancelled) incense stick department perfume department
The location of the area is an important factor in choosing the area because of this business Mainly divided into four parts

Machine for making agarbutti. The machine is the backbone of your business. There are many companies that sell different types of Agarbutti equipment, but you have chosen a reliable machine that matches the production and capital of your business.

The machine needs proper maintenance service provider for repair or repair service in your area. Agarbutti making machine and high-speed automatic Agarbutti making machine

In addition, there are other machines that use new technology to promote your business; these dryers and powder mixers

Manual Agarbatti manufacturing machine:

Manual machine provides single pedal or double pedal, easy to use, and high productivity at low cost.

Thanks to the pedal mechanism, it does not require any electricity, and you can use the pedal to operate it manually.

Manual Agarbutti Maker is available at a very affordable price.

Automatic Agarbutti Maker:

If you are looking for mass production with the latest technology, the Automatic Agarbutti Maker is your perfect choice. The automatic incense maker can make 160-200 sticks per minute.

You can also use this machine to make square agrbatti. Automatic incense stick making machine can provide exquisite patterns, designs, shapes and sizes according to your requirements.

High-speed automatic Agarbutti making machine:

High-speed automatic agarbutti making machine is a fully automatic machine that requires less labor. High-speed automatic The output of the incense machine is 300-450 sticks per minute.

The length of the product is adjustable. You can adjust the machine from 8″ to 12″.

The cost of the high-speed automatic incense maker 98 7 Dryer:

If the air contains moisture, you need to use a beverage dryer to dry the raw agabuti. The dryer is also useful in the rainy season.

Powder Mixer: The

powder mixer can be used to mix substances evenly, because you can get the exact amount of dry or wet powder for mixing. This machine is customized. Suppliers will produce after the production capacity reaches. The capacity of the powder mixer is 10-20 kg per minute.

Agarbatti Manufacturing Process 

There are two types of agarbatti, one is cooked in fragrant masala (raw agarbatti) and the other is cooked in incense sticks.

The production process of agarbutti is the same. The only difference is that the incense is oily or agarbutti.

Step 1 Prepare the mixture

This is a very important task in the production of agarbutti, because the correct mixing will produce high-quality agarbutti. If the mixing ratio is not correct, the agarbutti will not burn. Add water to make 100 million grains, white shavings, etc. into a semi-solid paste.

If you want to learn how to make agarbutti mixture, you can contact a machinist or expert.

Step 2: Load the mixture into the machine

After preparing the semi-solid mixture, use the bamboo stick making machine to load it into agarbatti.

With one machine, you can make 10 to 12 kg of raw agabuti in one hour.

You can put the mixture on a wooden board and apply it on the incense sticks while rolling to make incense sticks .

Step 3: Harvest the final product (Agarbatti)

After processing, the raw agarbatti must be harvested from the machine and sent to the next drying process

Step 4 Keep dry

When the sun hits your production site, the raw agarbatti must dry you Dry incense sticks in the sun during the rainy season or rainy season and winter

You can sell raw agarbatti (masala agarbatti), but if you want to add flavor, you need to add sesame oil to the raw incense sticks

Step 5. Add flavor

Agarbatti sticks The production of Agarbatti is an independent branch of Agarbatti’s business.The raw Agabuti manufacturers do not add flavors. They sell the fragrances to the flavored manufacturers. You can also sell the original agarbutti to these companies.

But if you want to add fragrance, you need to find a new fragrance through marketing and research. Unprocessed chocolate bars are soaked in suitable diethyl phthalate (DEP) sesame oil and then kept dry.

Step 6. Agarbatti packaging

In the agarbatti manufacturing process, packaging is a very important task.

Agarbatti Packaging needs bags and high-quality packaging machines.

You can use the packaging bag to promote your brand by printing your brand name and other user-readable information on it.

Cardboard can be used as packaging to attract customers.

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How do I sell my Agarbatti

When you have finished production, of course, you will have a question about how to sell my Agarbatti.

Here, we provide you with a marketing strategy that can help you solve your questions about how I sell my Agarbatti.

Perfume additive industry:

If you make agarbutti, you must sell it to the perfume additive industry.

Original flavor sticks are difficult to sell in the market; therefore, it is recommended to sell raw Agarbutti to perfume manufacturers.

The fragrance additive industry adds perfume to raw materials and sells them to customers

Online sales:

This is a new era of digital marketing, you can Selling Agarbutti Online online may be a huge market for your agarbutti manufacturing company.

By submitting some pictures and descriptions of Agarbatti, you can sell your Agarbatti more easily.

You can create your own website to sell and promote your incense stick brand

You can link to other hosting sites that help sell your products

Local shop:

Agarbatti can be sold in the local market; you can provide a free sample of agarbutti to the seller in the local market and ask them to show the buyer their frankincense bran. When customers like your agarbutti, they will automatically look for your agarbutti.

Agarbatti profit margin

Let us consider Agarbatti profit margin; Agarbatti Manufacturing is a lucrative company, you can easily earn 500-700 rupees like a normal car, but a car will not bring you much income at the end of the month, you must Start using three or four cars. At least you can see outstanding achievements.

Agarbatti crude oil provides a profit of 10 rupees/kg. On the other hand, flavored agarbutti can bring you more profit, which is H. According to your brand and advertising plan, about 25-30 rupees per pound.

How To Start Agarbatti Manufacture Buisness | SkillsAndtech

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