Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business In India Cost, Business Plan, Profit, Requirement | SkillsAndTech

Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business In India Cost, Business Plan, Profit, Requirement | SkillsAndTech

Choosing to invest in a business idea is not an easy decision always. At times, there are multiple challenges and questions that we face while beginning to start our career in the business industry. In addition to this, opting to initiate a Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business can be a challenge and a big risk, but if the business idea is executed on the basis of a well-structured business plan and right study of the target market, then the chances of failing to evolve as an entrepreneur turns out to be way less.

Furthermore, when we plan to invest in a business idea, several questions regarding the business and its success come to our minds. A few of such questions are- what business should I choose to invest in?

Where should I set up my business entity? With what amount of investment would I be able to start my business? What will all be the machinery and equipment required to begin with the business? And etc.

Idea behind Choosing the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business

If we decide to get into the business industry, then the right choice is to opt for the business idea, which is in great demand and also has extensive market potential.

One such growing business idea is Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business. Additionally, not only investing in a profit-giving business helps us become a business entrepreneur, but it also brings a lot of new opportunities, learnings, challenges, and success in our life.

Therefore, choosing this business idea will help you become a successful business entrepreneur.

In- depth Analysis

  • The term tiles refer to a manufactured piece that is rectangular or square in shape. In addition to this, a tile is a thin object which is a piece of hard-wearing material. 
  • Furthermore, the Ceramic Glazed Tiles are considered as a special type of tiles to which a glaze has been added and applied. 
  • Besides, the ceramic glazed tiles have sheen on their surface. Therefore, the manufacturing and production of the ceramic glazed tiles allow the businesspersons to produce numerous kinds of hues, colors, and designs.
  • Additionally, the glaze on the surface of the ceramic glazed tiles also protects the tiles from developing stains from grime, dirt, and water. 
  • Except for this, the zirconium-based blue, yellow, pink, and green stains are also used directly for producing the colored ceramic glazed tiles.
  • Furthermore, ceramic glazed tiles are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms and also in modular kitchens. 
  • In addition to this, since both the demand and production of the ceramic glazed tiles is extensive, investing in the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business is a great business idea for all budding entrepreneurs. 
  • Additionally, investing in a business idea that has a wide scope and is performing well in the existing market will not help you in establishing the ceramic glazed tiles business successfully, but it will also provide you with great profits. 

Why Choose the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business?

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Before choosing any business idea, it is very important to know about it in detail. Therefore, the points given below will guide a little about the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business.

  • Ceramic glazed tiles are used massively in the construction industry. 
  • In addition to this, ceramic glazed tiles are manufactured and produced in several forms. 
  • Moreover, the ceramic glazed tiles also add beauty to the walls of the house, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.
  • Furthermore, the floor tiles and wall tiles are highly popular amongst the builders as well as the owners of the homes. 
  • The biggest reason behind the massive popularity of ceramic glazed tiles is that highly durable and also has low maintenance. 
  • The major reason that why the budding entrepreneurs must choose the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business is that the ceramic glazed tiles are used majorly in the industrial, residential, and commercial areas. 

Business Plan

  • A business plan is a well-researched and crafted plan that covers all the important details about a business idea.
  • Additionally, the business plan also consists of the market potential, sales and marketing strategy, investment and funding, business goal, the strategy applied, the business location, etc.
  • Therefore, intending to set up the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business, you must have a business plan.

Market Potential of Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business

To set up and drive a business successfully, it is very important to know and understand the market potential of the product. Studying and analyzing the target market will help you in gaining customers easily. 

Therefore, let us understand the market potential of Ceramic Glazed Tiles.

  • The ceramic glazed tiles are made of a porous body. 
  • The surface of the tile is laminated with a coloured glaze. 
  • Additionally, the ceramic glazed tiles have several qualities and also hold a good position in the existing market.
  • Moreover, the ceramic glazed tiles have a glossy surface, they are good resistance to chemicals and weather, these tiles are also produced in different beautiful and attractive colours and also have a pleasing appearance.
  • Furthermore, investing in the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business will result in generating great profits for you as these tiles are extremely popular amongst the people. 
  • Besides, the ceramic glazed tiles are easy to clean, durable, and hence the demand for them is increasing speedily in the market.  
  • Considering all these factors, we can easily say that investing in the Ceramic Glazed tiles Business will produce good results. 

License and Registration for Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business

Intending to set up this Ceramic glazed tiles business, you are required to attain the following: – 

Registration of Firm:

You may start the small to medium Business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

If you are starting this Business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.

For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with
Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST Registration:

it is mandatory to get the GST number to run the business; you need to apply for the GST registration.

Trade License:

obtain trade license from local authorities

MSME/SSI Registration:

this MSME/SSI Registration will help you to get schemes and facility for the business offers by the state government

BIS certification:

BIS has mentioned the specific quality standard for Business. ISI specification for the

Trade Mark:

you can secure your brand with trademark registration

IEC code: 

IEC code is essential for the export of the product

Pollution Certificate:

apply for pollution certificate this business produces an offensive odour.


state insurance which is an insurance scheme for workers.

ESI Registration:

Employees provident fund is compulsory for the business where more than 20 employees are working.

To comply with the above processes and registration, one might need any legal expert who would help in absolute legal compliance to meet industrial standards. 

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Machinery and Equipment

To set up the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business successfully, you are required to have the following: –

  • Ball Mill 04 T Cap.02 nos connected with 20 H.P. motor and accessories.
  • Glazing line conveyor connected with 2 H.P. Motor two nos. and online blower 05 H.P. 4 nos.
  • Buller Ring Apparatus.
  • 80 T Hydraulic press connected with 15 H.P.  motor and suitable dies.
  • Hydraulic filter press 120 plates with 05 H.P. pump and filter clothes 1 set extra 2 nos.
  • Glaze vat with vertical Pump the arrangement with agitators connected with 0.5 H.P.  motor.
  • Pot Mill connected with 04 pot attachment and 01 H.P. motor.
  • Necessary laboratory equipment.
  • Pan Mill 1 no Connected with 7.5 H.P. motor complete.
  • Bucket Elevators and Silos.
  • Drier and Shuttle kiln with 18 cars attachment with transfer car arrangement.
  • Agitator 02 Tone no. with 10 H.P. motor and accessories.
  • Ball Mill for glazing of 500 kg capacity connected with 05 H.P. motor.

Production Process of Ceramic Glazed Tiles

Let us now understand the production process step-by-step: –

  • To make the ceramic glazed tiles, mix the local clay, china clay, ball clay, wollastonite chips, and pitchers. Now mix them thoroughly and form a uniform slip.
  • Now, unload the mixture in an agitator.
  • Pass all the materials through the filter and make a plastic body.
  • Dry all the substance and then sed it into a pan mill.
  • Press the ceramic tiles now and leave them to dry for 20 hours.
  • Once the tiles are dried, push them with the kiln car.
  • Leave the tiles to cool down at normal temperature.  
  • Now, add the glaze on the surface of the glazed tiles.


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Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business is a business that ensures great success and can be set up easily. Investing in a business idea is a tough decision at times. Therefore, this blog revolves around covering and answering all the related questions.

To achieve success in any business, it is important to study the target market carefully. Additionally, with the changing time and lifestyle of the people, the demand for ceramic glazed tiles has been increasing speedily in the present market.

The growing demand for these tiles in the market and the craze for them amongst the people is the major reason that explains choosing the Ceramic Glazed Tiles Business. Investing in a popular and growing business will help you in making a better livelihood.

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