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Are you planning to start the Pizza Hut Franchise In India, here you will get detailed about the pizza hut franchise business.

Pizza Hut has more than 17,000 franchises store all over the world. Pizza hut is established on the united state in 1957 and pizza hut started franchises in 1960.

Pizza Hut is a popular place for all pizza lovers, pizza hut is providing an excellent business opportunity for the entrepreneur who is looking for the food retail business franchises.

The brand has much experience in serving pizza with good service so if you are planning to start the pizza hut franchise then it will be beneficial for you the franchisor will help you to start and grow your franchisees business.

How To Get Pizza Hut Franchise In India

Pizza hut is India second fastest growing market for delicious pizza, pizza hut has more than 400 stores in India, the best-tasting pizza and service with the popular brand representation experience they made it possible to have double-digit growth rate.

Pizza hut had launched the loyalty program and they are planning to hire the 14,000 delivery drivers by the end of 2020.

Every Indian love to eat pizza they are looking for the various options in pizza so they prefer the pizza hut overall, therefore, the potential of the pizza hut is high in the market.

Pizza Hut Franchise Investment

Pizza hut providing the franchises in three different franchises business model, you have to choose the right one by considering the investment and your requirement.

Pizza Hut Franchise Cost in India

What is the pizza hut franchise cost in India? The first franchise fee could be 25 million USD or almost 14 lakh rupees according to the current conversion prices. Moreover, you’ll need to pay a yearly 6.5% royalty in your gain.

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Notice: The above amounts don’t include the initial investment necessary to assemble the restaurant, grand opening expenditures, or opening stock.

Restaurant-Based Delivery (RBD) System Pizza Hut Restaurants:

Pizza hut investment required:

INR Rs 25 to 30 lakhs

In this business model pizza and other product approved by PHLLC and it has for dine-in and carryout service and may be delivered for off-premises consumption which is dependent upon the area requirement.

 Delivery/Carryout” (Delco) System Pizza Hut Restaurants:

Pizza hut investment required:

INR Rs 15 lakhs

In this business model, the product is sold only for the carryout service.

Delivery Based Restaurant” (DBR)/Fast Casual Delco (FCD) System Pizza Hut Restaurants:

Pizza hut investment required:

INR Rs 20 lakhs

In this franchise business model products are sold for dine-in and carryout service and it also includes the delivery option.

Franchisees also have to pay monthly royalty fees, advertising contribution and finally purchasing contribution fees, which depend on the percentage of the sale.

Pizza Hut Franchises Business Model

Pizza hut is American restaurant which was established in 1957 by Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas, pizza hut known for the Italian-American cuisine menu including pizza and pasta apart from pizza they are serving side dishes and dessert.

Pizza hut started their journey in India with the first restaurant in Bangalore in 1996, they can be credited with pioneering the pizza market in India, and now they are planning to double the store in next five years and they are considering India as a biggest and very important market for pizza.

With a recent study it is declared that the pizza is the biggest accepted food across all consumer categories, pizza hut also providing the home delivery service.

Pizza Hut Franchise Requirements And Eligibility

Area Required:

1000 to 1500 sq ft

There is no condition for the area space to start the pizza hut, the franchisor has no restriction for the specific area space, but according to market research, you will require minimum 1000 to 1500 sqft area space.

Pizza Hut Franchise Training And Support

Pizza hut provides trained staff; the Pizza Hut Franchise Training is quite different than other, pizza hut providing training for 8 to 12 weeks at your location.

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Pizza hut franchise offer two types of support one is newsletter another is a convention, additionally; Pizza Hut helps with a loyalty program and advertisement templates.

Pizza Hut Franchise Contact Information India

If you are planning to start the pizza hut franchise you have to fill the form on the following website

You can directly contact their head office address

Pizza Hut Head Office Contact Details

12th Floor, Tower D, Global Business Park,

Gurgaon, Haryana, India,

Pin code: 122002

Pizza Hut Franchise Contact Number


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Pizza Hut Franchise Investment, Profit, Contact Number, Cost | SkillsAndTech

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