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Chalk making is a small, lucrative business. In developing areas of cities, chalk is essential for writing on school blackboards.

Chalk is a fragile round bar, which can be white or colored.

Literacy and government. Compulsory elementary education regulations, the demand for chalk will generally increase in the next few years.

In addition to school chalk used in the furniture market, construction industry, and professional education institutions, chalk is also used for market chalk beyond educational purposes.

So if you are starting a chalk business, this article will help you get ideas and plan your business.

Chalk’s potential for doing business

About 60% of educational institutions still use blackboards for teaching. Make chalk an indispensable stationery for education.

In addition, chalk is cheaper than modern blackboard writing tools, which is why there is a large demand for chalk in the private sector throughout the year.

Chalk Manufacturing Company License

Chalk will initially affect the company that first chooses its organizational ownership and is registered the company

You need to apply for a business license and a pan-card to open a current account under your company name.

You can register your company as an SSI entity.

BIS definition of chalk pastels: IS: 26941963 School white chalk and IS: 422214967 form the color nuances.

It is recommended to apply for a NOC (Certificate of No Objection) to the Emission Control Office.

Community or business location

The best community for any business activity is close to the target market.

If there are many schools and people who use chalk most of the time in an urban area, then a chalk shop would be great.

You can buy the website or take the cheapest course; that is, rent it out for a predetermined period of time.

The production of chalk does not require a lot of space. It can start from a small business department, or you can produce it at home.

Raw material for making chalk

The main raw material for making chalk is gypsum from Paris. The chemical or scientific name of POP is calcium carbonate. In addition, you should have china clay, white cement, fat and different colors.

If you make colored chalk, you need other colors.

Usually the chalk comes in a box, so you need to organize the chalk packaging.

List of raw materials required for the production of chalk:

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Plaster of Paris: commonly known as “POP”, this is the most important raw material for the production of chalk. The chemical name of POPs is calcium carbonate,

Which forms a hard paste immediately after mixing with water. In addition to making chalk, it is also used in hospitals to reshape broken bones.

Pure water: mainly used to mix the most commonly used ingredients in all factories.

Lubrication: oil is used as a lubricant when making chalk, and kerosene is usually mixed and mixed. Used to paint the inside of the mold to prevent chalk from sticking to the chalk mold

Paint-Crayons need paint, depending on your production

Before you start your chalk business, you need to know your supplier to obtain raw materials at low cost.

Try as Look for two or three different suppliers for each material, because you never know when the supplier will be out of stock.

Chalk machine

There are different chalk machines on the market, you should choose the right one according to the required performance.

There are two kinds of manually operated machines.

Aluminum metal chalk machine production:

Metal bronze chalk machine production:

You can also purchase automatic chalk for machine production, including powder mixing, water supply, material filling and post-speaking automatic function production

Use the automatic chalk machine to buy 120,000 pieces of chalk every day and you can get 150,000 pieces of chalk. We also need some equipment for the chalk making process, such as scrapers, brushes, dryers, gloves, etc.

List of machines and gadgets

Chalk table:

This is an important machine for making chalk. It is made of plastic, rubber or metal; yes, it usually has a wooden edge, but it is metal chalk.

The shape depends on the number of available holes in the chalk shape, some can have up to 240 holes

The shape made by the chalk depends on the available holes in the shape


Use a flat metal scraper to scrape off the chalk mold


For brush Lubricate the chalk before filling with raw materials.

POP dryer:

The dryer is used to take the chalk out of the chalk mold to dry . The dryer is powered by electricity and is mainly used as part of a great idea. But for small flakes, using the sun is ideal Is a savings fund.


Gloves are used to protect hands when mixing water and POP.

Packaging materials:

As packaging materials, these are necessary nylon and brand cartoons and boxes to attract customers.

Chalk making process

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Step 1 Mixing

Take a spatula (plaster of Paris), calcium carbonate and other additives (such as bleach or dye) and mix all the ingredients with water to make a smooth paste

Good mixing is needed Quality can be made into fragile chalk and can write smoothly. Be careful when preparing the chalk mixture

Step 2 Lubricate the

mold Use lubricant on the mold to prevent the chalk from sticking to the mold when it is demolded.

is made of 1:4 peanut butter and Kerosene grease composition, or you can use cooking oil as a lubricant.

Step 3 Pour the form

Pour the mixture of POP (plaster of Paris) and calcium carbonate into the chalk mold

Let it harden for 10-15 minutes

Step 4 Collect the chalk

When the mixture hardens, open the form and take out

Step 5

Store After demoulding the chalk in a dry place, put it in the sun for 1-2 days.

Step 6 Packaging
After making the chalk, pack the chalk for sale and transport

You can pack the chalk in a cardboard box, which can be used for Print your brand and other information that attracts customers

How and to whom to sell chalk.

Aftercompany registration is completed and various plans are started, you need to find suitable business lines and customers to provide your goods.

Its smart market is a variety of educational institutions, such as elementary schools, elementary schools and general education schools, education homes, office supply stores, etc.

Chalk outlets are listed below

  • Office supplies
  • Hardware stores
  • Industry
  • University

How To Start Chalk Business | SkillsAndTech

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