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Generic Franchise Medicine Business is one of the money making alternatives for entrepreneurs.  Generic Aadhar franchise has a lot to offer. If you’re seeking to begin the Generic Franchise medication business, then choosing a Generic Aadhaar franchise can be the best step. 

Generic Aadhaar is a completely younger and revolutionary startup.  It is based with the aid of one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs, Arjun Deshpande. Known as a Pharma Wonderkid, began out at a beginner age of 16, this startup is a brand new revolution withinside the Indian pharma industry.

Ratan Tata funded Generic Aadhaar, a pharmacy chain promoting low price drugs, has released a mobile app to tackle online competition from pharmacies.

The app, released through Ratan Tata on 29th June, 2021 in Mumbai.  This app has centers to add prescriptions and area orders. The drugs might be added from the closest Generic Aadhaar franchise store. The ‘Generic Aadhaar’s Mobile App’ is run with retail shops throughout India facing competition from online pharmacies.  Clients can get quicker delivery from their nearest region thru this App.

What is Generic Aadhaar?

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Generic Aadhar provides the top notch, high quality and accepted drugs from pharmaceutical producers at reasonable-price.  It will increase the accessibility to those drugs throughout India. Generic Aadhaar follows a completely unique pharmacy-aggregator–earnings sharing enterprise version to supply generic medicines immediately from the producers. The medicines are then given to the retail pharmacies, thereby casting off the 16-20 according to cent wholesaler margin together with different layers of margins which includes C&F marketers withinside the trade.

The most crucial differentiator withinside the case of Generic Aadhaar is the reality that the inventory-sporting fee could be very low whilst as compared to shops that inventory branded pills. The cost for running the Generic Aadhar Franchise is low.  The reason behind this is that the shops are minimally designed. In addition, Generic Aadhaar allows small pharmacies to earn double the earnings.  Simultaneously, the people living there can afford the medicines at lower prices.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Healthcare centers and drugs have grown to be the want of the hour. India, the second-largest populated country, is likewise developing the range of illnesses together with at the same time as India’s pharma region is likewise developing and converting lives.

How Generic Aadhar Works?

Generic Aadhaar is a pharmaceutical organisation that desires to attain each Indian with low-priced drugs. Medicines are not a luxurious commodity. They are a need and anybody has the right to get the medicines of good-quality and at a low-priced.  Generic Aadhaar holds a long-time period imaginative and prescient of helping the underprivileged sections for the betterment of India. The organisation is working at the aim to make certain no Indian is barred from the provision of well-known drugs.

Generic Aadhaar guarantees that the franchise is taken via the means of an FDA-certified store. The shop should already be a pharmacist.  If it is not functioning as a pharmacist then first it needs to open the shop as a pharmacist.  Only then the franchisee can be taken. The Generic Aadhaar team helps in branding and help relating to IT and make drugs available to the outlet.

Who is the Founder of Generic Aadhaar Franchise?

Arjun Deshpande

Arjun Deshpande, the 18 yr youngest CEO and founding father of Generic Aadhaar.  Mr. Arjun Deshpande is India’s youngest (at the age of 16 years).  He is the most dynamic entrepreneur.  Their idea is really amazing and dynamic.  In 2018, Arjun Deshpande when he was 16-year-old had a vision of making medicines available to each and every Indian at an affordable price.  He founded the innovative venture we know today as Generic Aadhaar.

How Generic Aadhaar Began?

Arjun used to journey together with his mother.  She is already in the pharma business. He observed that a number of nations import drugs from India.  The reason was to have hundreds at less expensive rates. He wondered, “Why is this now no longer the case in India whilst we’re the producing hub for pharmaceuticals?”

It stroked him and gave upward push to the imaginative and prescient of making a logo identification thru ‘Generic Aadhaar’ outlets. Arjun, stimulated with the aid of Ratan Tata, desired to serve the state through his familiar drugs initiative.

Generic Aadhaar Logo and Tagline

Generic Aadhaar works as per their name.  They aim to provide Generic medicines to each and every Indian.  Their logo has a colour combination of white and green which reflects the healthcare segment.

What is the tagline of Generic Aadhaar?

“Daawaiya Kifaiti Daarome Lejayiye Aapne Gharome…”

Which means that their company revolves around the access to affordable medicines.

What is the Target Market and Size for Generic Aadhaar?

India is a large hub for medicinal drug intake and consumption. Generic Aadhaar became working forty five retailers and deliberate to attain out pan India with the aid of using December 2020 thru 800 plus retail retailers.

The pharmaceutical entity desires to contact each and every pincode of India withinside the subsequent 5 to seven years. Franchise retailers are calling from all over India to open Generic Aadhar Franchise store.Generic Aadhaar is based on an initiative called “Entrepreneurs beneath neath One Umbrella.”

Generic Aadhaar Franchisee – Products and Services

Generic Aadhaar gives low-priced well-known medicines (specially for the underprivileged instructions of India) via its retailers which are given throughout the nation. The company sold all types of drugs whether it is a minor disease or any life threatening illness.  It covers each and every disease.  So, you can say that every medicine will be available at Generic Aadhar. The USP of the employer is the pharmacy-aggregator enterprise version in which it assets well-known tablets without delay from the producer and palms them over to the drug store who supplies medicines to the stores at reasonably-priced rates.

Generic Aadhar helps single-retail drug shops throughout India. It has tied up with pharmacists from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Odisha in a profit-sharing version.

How much can you earn with the Generic Aadhaar Franchise?

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Generic Aadhaar follows a B2B and a B2C version. It is appointing franchisees throughout India through aggregating medical shops which are facing tough competition in the pharmaceutical segment. 

Generic Aadhaar has brought an enterprise version.  The shops will sell all kinds of allopathy medicines. They make sure to provide low-cost drug treatments to everyone.

Generic Aadhaar’s franchising promotes entrepreneurship. While taking inventory of the customer’s advantage, Generic Aadhaar guarantees that small chemists and outlets earn a good profit too. The drugs and medicines are given to the pharmacies at their production fee which might be then offered to customers, thereby lowering the retail rate by as much as eighty percent. The organisation additionally collaborates with the producers through growing their supply as call for demand increases; production centers will also turn double their profits. Generic Aadhaar protects the interests of everyone as customers, outlets, and producers alike.

How to Apply for Generic Aadhar Franchise?

You can apply online through their website  There is a contact form.  Fill that form and all is done.  First check the below given requirements before applying.  If you complete these, then you can easily open a Generic Aadhar Franchise Store in your area.

Generic Aadhar Franchise Prerequisiti, Pre requirements

 Generic Aadhaar software is installed at every medical store. A new mobile app is also launched already and customers can download and purchase their regular medicines through this app. Delivery is promised within 2 hours after placing an online order from its nearest outlet.

The very first and the basic requirement is to already have a pharmacist shop.  If you don’t have one then first you will have to go for that.  Only then you can apply for Generic Aadhar Franchisee.

Generic Aadhar Franchise Business can be started if you complete the below given requirements.  You can take the Generic Aadhar Franchise in two ways.

  1. Master Franchise
  2. Single Franchise

Generic Aadhar Master Franchise Investment and other Details

Only 1 Master Franchise is allocated per city. Prerequisites to owning a Master Franchise are as follows.

How much area is needed to open an Aadhar Generic Master Franchise?

Own/rented warehouse required is around 400 sq ft

How much Investment is required to open  an Aadhar Generic Master Franchise?

Total investment required is approx. Rs 12,00,000

Is there any License required to open an Aadhar Generic Master Franchise? 

Yes, Wholesale FDA drug license

What is the staff or no of people required to employ?

2 workers for marketing.

What is the minimum education or qualification required to open  an Aadhar Generic Master Franchise?

Any one pharmacist compulsory – B.Pharm/D.Pharm

Other Requirements

  •  Computer
  • Wifi
  • Printer
  • Is partnering with Generic Aadhaar for Master Franchise profitable?
  • You will be thinking that should you take the Generic Aadhar Master Franchise or not? 
  • Will it make any profit?
  • If yes, then how much profit can you earn with a Master Franchise?

Master Franchise is exclusively authorised to operate in a city and develop more than 100 Generic Aadhaar stores in the city assigned. He/she will also get 1 free single franchise store alongwith Master Franchisee. All the  Generic Aadhaar single pharma stores in your city will receive goods only from the Master Franchise.

All the new single franchise offers received at Generic Aadhaar Head Quarter will be routed to Master Franchise. Master Franchise will earn 10% of every transaction.  At present, any Master Franchise earns 3-4% in the market. Master Franchise will also get exclusive support of marketing, software, training, uniforms.

Generic Aadhar Single Franchise Investment and other Details

How many stores can be opened in your area?

  As per their business model, 2 stores can be opened in every pincode.  So, if you are interested in setting up the Generic Aadhar Franchise Business then, first check if there are already 2 stores in your pin code or not. 

Prerequisites to owning a Single Franchise

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1. How much space is required for a Single Franchise of Generic Aadhar?

Own/rented place around 200 sq ft

2. How much Investment is required for Generic Aadhar Single Franchise?

The total investment required is Rs 4,00,000

3. Any license required or not?

Yes, Retail license

4. Any other requirements

Refrigerator, furniture (counter + wooden furniture)

Generic Aadhar Contact

You can contact the Generic Aadhar Team through email, website or phone no.

Customer Care Number

Head Office Contact 9820493888 / 9833229888

Email id

Customer Care Number for Franchise enquire


West India – 9653373636, North India – 9653373640, East India – 9653373641, South India – 9653373639

Email to

Corporate Office Address

5th Floor, 505, Dev Corpora, Eastern Express Highway, Cadbury Junction, Service Road Khopat, Thane (West) : 400601, Maharashtra

Branch Office Address

Office 11, Amrut Dham, Manisha Nagar, Kalwa, Thane (West), Maharashtra

Website :


Generic Aadhar Franchise looks profitable.  If you are already running a pharma shop, then you must go for this.  It will make a huge profit for you.  You will also be able to cope up with the online competition with the help of Generic Aadhar App.

Good Luck!

How To Start Generic Aadhaar Franchise | SkillsAndTech

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