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Looking for a ginger garlic sauce business? This is a detailed business plan that can help you establish a small manufacturing company.

Garlic and ginger paste are essential products and are becoming ingredients in all Indian kitchens. It is used in all Indian dishes to add flavor to various dishes.

Nowadays, people are attracted by ready-made meals and spices, and garlic is already edible, so people eat garlic every day to get delicious.

Basically, this is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs, housewives and college students to start their own pasta business. This article will provide you with detailed information about your business plan to help you start your business.

 Ginger and garlic paste production capacity

The pasta market has grown by 25%, and the estimated cost is as high as 70 pieces. The reason is that people are turning to ready-made products. Garlic paste is one of the products.

Garlic and ginger paste can be made with very little investment; paste packages are 50g, 100g, 150g, 250g.

Fast food is especially popular in cities, and ginger paste makes this This product can be used by the whole family.

In addition to family use, ginger paste is used in hotels and restaurants. Bulk consumers

Indian consumers are the main consumers of this business; therefore, it has a huge market all over India.

Therefore, starting the ginger garlic sauce business is a lucrative start opportunity.

 Registration and license required for ginger and garlic paste production

When starting a ginger garlic sauce business, you need to obtain various licenses and registrations according to national regulations, and obtain permits

To operate a business, you must register as a limited liability company (LLP) or Pvt. Limited company. At the Registry of Commerce (ROC).

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Ensure safety agreements and effective waste management strategies.

You must obtain these registrations and permits before you start producing ginger garlic sauce.

Space required for ginger and garlic paste factory

The ideal location for the ginger paste shop is where you can easily obtain raw materials from any raw material supplier.

You can start a gingerbread business from a height of 200 meters. Insufficient water supply

You are planning the area where the food manufacturer will operate to ensure it is tidy, clean and in good condition.

According to government grocery store regulations, you can also start making ginger and garlic pasta at home.

There are restrictions on household food production laws

Bonus required for ginger and garlic paste business.

The most important raw materials are ginger and garlic. The high-quality products give the pasta a good color, fragrance, texture and taste.

The raw materials can be purchased directly from the farmers or washed and cleaned at the seller.

The ginger garlic batter is delivered in a bag or container

Packaging of raw materials and pasta:

  • Raw materials used in
  • Ginger and garlic
  • Food preservatives
  • Packaging materials

List of equipment for making ginger-garlic sauce

The garlic ginger sauce business can be started in two ways.

Semi-automatic base:

The semi-automatic device needs to be manually used as food ingredients in the machine and taken out after the final product; this machine is mainly for small factories

automatic base:

the automatic factory has high production efficiency and few personnel; this machine is designed for large-scale installation And design
According to market research and your production needs, you need to select equipment

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List of equipment required for production

  • Crushers
  • Packing Machine
  • Pouch Sealing Machine
  • Pressure water pumps
  • Pulping Machine
  • Skin Peeling Machine
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Water Jet Washer
  • Weighing machines

Making process of ginger-garlic sauce

How to make garlic ginger paste when starting the garlic ginger paste business? First, fill your farm with fresh ginger and garlic. Wash items with high-pressure water to remove dirt. Then use a peeling machine to peel off the garlic and ginger.

Then place the grinding/grinding material on top. Put the grinder outlet into the grinder to make a good paste. Finally, choose an outlet in the stainless steel container to mix the preservative. Converted to bag. Automatic packaging machine is available on request.

Step 1) Source

The quality of ginger and garlic sauce is directly related to the quality of ginger and garlic. Therefore, the main aspect is the supply of high-quality raw materials

Stage 2) Purification

After adding the raw ginger and garlic, rinse with jet water to clean the raw materials and remove impurities and foreign matter

Stage 3)

Peel the ginger garlic skin with a knife

Step 4) Chop

ginger and garlic skin with a chopper to chop

Step 5) Pulping

Put the chopped pieces into the chopper. Fine ginger garlic paste, add the required amount of water, salt and turmeric to the paste at this stage.

Step 6) Add preservative

Finally, put the ginger-garlic sauce in a stainless steel container, and then add the preservative to the sauce.

Step 7) Packaging

Now it is time to transfer the paste to the packaging machine for packaging; you need a sealed container to hold the ginger garlic sauce.

Where can I sell ginger-garlic sauce?

Local market (retail market)

Local departments that can sell products:

  • Commercial kitchen
  • Culinary schools
  • Fast food outlet
  • Restaurant
  • Retailers
  • Supermarkets

Wholesale market

Garlic ginger paste is sold at the wholesale market. You can also build a marketing network with the help of loyal customers.

Online market

B2B website:

Register your garlic ginger sauce business on B2B website, for example

  • Alibaba
  • Indiamart
  • Tradeindia
  • Exportersindia

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etc. where you can sell your product on bulk orders.

B2C Websites:

Register your ginger garlic paste business on B2C websites like

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Bigbasket

etc. where you can sell your product directly to the customer.

Brand and Uniqueness

Advertising: Product advertising plays an important role in corporate profitability; you can create a local distribution network.

Alternatively, you can sell your products online. It is recommended to establish your own online store.

Use promotional materials (such as brochures, business cards, posters, and flyers) to advertise and promote your gingerbread business to attract customers

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