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The production of artificial flowers began in Italy in the early 12th century. In 1920, a silk florist turned artificial flowers into floats. Another name for artificial flowers is “Permanent Botanicals”, the touch of artificial flowers is very real.

Nowadays, artificial flowers are made of other materials, mainly polyester artificial flowers, at low prices.

On the other hand, rayon flowers look more realistic, so silk flowers are more expensive than polyester flowers. Silk flowers do not use plastic except for stems and leaves.

To make the flower look alive, you can apply a drop of dew and use your skills to make it look like a real flower. This business requires skilled workers.

Artificial flower business potential (market opportunity)

Due to a variety of reasons, artificial flowers are in great demand in the market.


Artificial flowers have a longer service life than original flowers and are cheaper than original flowers.

In addition, they will not deteriorate over time, and the original flowers will dry out over time. Simply dust it off regularly and clean it thoroughly to keep the artificial flowers as long as possible.

Climate factor:

As far as original flowers are concerned, they are easily affected by climate change and are easily damaged, but artificial flowers have no effect on climate change and remain as they are.

Demand for various festivals:
India has various festivals, and the demand for artificial flowers even increases during the festival.

In addition to being used as a holiday for birthdays, weddings or other ceremonies, flowers are the main element of decorative materials.

So if you have a good understanding of making artificial flowers and are considering a business plan, then you don’t have to worry about the market’s demand for artificial flowers.

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Artificial flower business registration and license

There is no problem to legally register an artificial flower shop. Before opening an artificial flower shop, you need to fill in some documents.

  •  Business Registration-You can start a small and medium enterprise engaged in artificial flowers. Own company or partnership.

If you start the business as a sole proprietorship, you must register your business as the owner.

For a partnership to work, you must be a limited liability company (LLP) or Pvt. Limited company. At the Registry of Commerce (ROC).

  •  GST registration: According to GST rules, every business owner must obtain a GST number by registering for a GST business license to obtain a good service

 You need to apply for a business license to the local authority Registration.

  • SSI: Register your artificial flower shop in the Udyog adhar MEMS registration form to receive installation grants or government grants.
  • IEC code: It is necessary to apply for IEC code to export artificial flowers abroad.
  •  SSI registration: Registering SSI as an SSI module is optional.

Artificial flower business space requirements (location)

To open an artificial flower shop, at least an area of ​​500 square meters is required.

Create a job at home or rent a study room. You need a place to make and arrange flowers, a place to store supplies, and a place to store business bills and other documents.

It is cheaper to start using a home office, but if you don’t have free space at home, you may need a place to study.

Acquired a computer, accounting and billing software, project planning software, a large desk, comfortable chair, flower decoration materials and other accessories.

 Artificial flower business raw materials

There are many kinds of materials for artificial flowers, so the choice of materials will depend on market demand, material costs and your skills.

Polyester is a common material for making flowers because it is cheap. Plastic is also used to make flower stems, berries and other parts. Artificial flowers also include paper, cotton, rubber, latex, etc.

For viscose, silk, viscose and cotton fibers are the best. The peduncle is made of plastic thread, but it is coated with tear-proof colored paper. All colors and adhesives are made of natural materials.

Other parts such as berries and feathers are made from a mixture of tapioca flour or flour base (not plastic).

Artificial equipment list

  • Artificial Flower Making Machine
  • Automatic and Manual Clothes Flower Cutting Machine
  • Shape Molding Machine
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Shape Making Machine

Flower production process

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There are two ways to make artificial flowers.

  • Hand-made artificial flowers
  • Machine-made artificial flowers

Step 1

Use viscose, cotton or silk to make artificial petals

Step 2

Cut the fabric with a punching tool; the fabric is cut into petals of different sizes and shapes for one flower flower.

Step 3

The petals are colored with dyes (cotton balls and brushes). It takes an hour to color a single petal.

Step 4

After coloring, put the petals into the mold; the molding machine heats the petals and presses them down to make them have curves, folds and other shapes to make them look realistic.

Step 5

After shaping, use fine iron wire to harden some petals and leaves by hand.

Step 6

Collect single flowers and other parts separately.

Step 7

When the flowers are ready, a skilled worker will cover them with paper or floral tape with a self-adhesive layer.

Step 8

Finally, the collector adds flowers and other parts of the steamer.

Step 9

Artificial flowers wrapped in floral paper

Step 10

Put the artificial flowers in a cardboard box, close the cardboard box and store it for transportation and sale.

 Where to sell artificial flowers

Local Market (Retail Market)
Craft Shop: Attend craft fairs to expand your customer base and connect with people already in your industry.

Wholesale market

You can sell goods at the wholesale market in your city.

Online market

Online sales: Online platforms are most suitable for contacting customers at home, building your corporate website, and displaying your online image, customer acquisition and business promotion skills

With you, you can sell your artificial flowers through the website or others. Host website

B2B website:

Register your company as

  • Alibaba
  • Indiamart
  • Tradeindia
  • Exportersindia

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Etc. you can sell your product on bulk orders.

B2C Websites:

Register your business on B2C websites like

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Bigbasket

etc. where you can sell your product directly to the custom

Export market

If you want to export your artificial flowers abroad, you need an IEC code to export your artificial flowers.

Brand and uniqueness

In addition to all payment strategies, social media such as Facebook and Instagram are huge platforms to promote your artificial flower brand. You can easily find customers with only a small investment in digital marketing.

How to Start Artificial Flower Making Business | SkillsAndTech

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