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SkillsandTech : Exppress Car wash is a “REVOLUTION” in automobile cleaning and detailing market. With 32 million cars on the Indian roads today the marketplace is massive, under serviced and inexhaustible. They have large infrastructure, in terms of real estate, staff, overheads etc., and they pass on their higher costs to their customers, who have to settle for heavily overpriced services. What is the Express Car Wash Franchise Cost? How much profit you can earn with Express Car Wash Franchise? How to apply for Express Car Wash Franchise? What is the process to get Express Car Wash Franchise?

Express Car Wash Franchise Wiki

EXPPRESS CAR WASH – a unique mechanized car cleaning concept launched by Manmachine Group, where cars are pampered by latest equipments including high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on, further highlighting the ritual of wiping the feet before getting into the car.

Express Car Wash Franchise Benefits

  • Detailed Operation manuals and processes
  • Profitable, sustainable and scalable business
  • Franchisee will get a complete guidance and training to run their outlets
  • Good return on investment

Express Car Wash Franchise Cost, Investment, Fees

Investment: Rs. 10 Lac – Rs. 20 Lac

Franchise Fee : 2.25 + G.S.T(18%) = 2.66

  • Start-up Branding including newspaper ad, radio spots, press release and local cable advertisement.
  • Software billing (POS) with integrated ERP and CRM support.
  • Start-up kit including flexes, uniforms, stationeries.
  • Marketing kit including canopies and pamphlets.
  • Architectural Layout Plan.
  • 6 days onsite extensive training.
  • Online and Digital Marketing.
  • SMS and E-mail blast Machine Cost: `5,00,00 – 8,00,000.
  • Machines and Equipments = Around 7.93 lakh

Infrastructure Setup Cost: 2 lakh( as suggested by the company)

Equipement cost: 50k (computer, printer,cctv etc).

If you have around 10-15 lakh then you can take its franchise and also can earn more profits.

Express Car wash Franchise

Other costs:

Royalty: 10%

Express Car Wash Franchise Requirements

People who have an ambition to be entrepreneurs.
Have the ability to invest full time in the venture.
Innovative and customer oriented

Space Required

The space requirement for the Express Car Wash Franchise is 1,000 sq. ft. However, if you are planning to keep any other facility in your shop then you may require more space.


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1 Supervisor
3 boys (Skilled and Unskilled)

Express Wash Franchise Profit, ROI, Margin, Earnings

Total Margin: Up to 70%
Return on Investment: Up to 100%

How to apply for the Express Car Wash Franchise?

To apply for the franchise, you can directly call in this number +91-9910697685 and 08010044000. Or you can fill a form in its official website.

If you start this business in the good place then you can earn more profits in very less time. So, before taking its franchise please make sure that the area where you are going to setup this business should be near the market or have a high footfall area.

Express Wash Franchise Contact Details

Website : exppresscarwash.com

Email id : mailinfo@exppresscarwash.com

Customer Care Number : 80-100-44000

Express Wash Franchise Reviews

  • Exppress Car Wash is the brain child of Manmachine Group, the most successful organization in professional mechanized cleaning solutions and services.
  • Planning to establish a nationwide chain of car wash units
  • Start with comparatively low initial establishment costs
  • ECW Franchise Business model has stood the test of time
  • Profitable, sustainable and scalable business
  • One of the leading brands in car cleaning services


What are expenses to run Express Car Wash Franchise?

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Fixed Electricity cost1500
Royalty ( Exclusive S. T )8000
Local Advertisement2000
Total per Month74500
Total per Quarter223500

Is It Profitable to Start Express Car Wash Franchise?

Yes, it will be highly profitable. If you are in the prime location, then it will be an added advantage to you.


So far we have shared the basics for Express Wash Franchise overview. It is the most profitable franchise. You will never doubt your decision to start this franchise. Go ahead and achieve your goal. If you find more information please feel free to share with us. Share your thoughts and we will definitely contact you with new franchise and opportunities. Stay Tuned for more franchise. Thank you

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